Android framework recommendations that mobile developers must know

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Android framework recommendations that mobile developers must know

Some of the summarized Android quick development frameworks are all open-source frameworks with the Project address, which is an excellent material for development and learning.

ThinkAndroid Project

Github address:

Success: ThinkAndroid is a free, open-source, simple Android development framework that complies with the Apache2 open-source protocol. Its development purpose is to develop Android applications in a simple and fast manner, it includes Android mvc, simple sqlite orm, ioc module, and http module that encapsulates Android httpclitent. It has the ability to quickly build a File Cache and can easily implement caching without considering the format of cached files, it also implements the image caching function based on the File Cache module. When loading images in android, the oom and image loading dislocation problems are easily solved. He also includes a practical tool that is frequently used in mobile phone development, such as log management, configuration file management, android download device module, network switching detection, and so on.

Developer QQ: 230206891

Advantage: The function looks perfect.

Disadvantage: This is written by myself. maintenance has been stopped since 2013 and there is no project document.

KJFrameForAndroid framework

Github address:

Skill: An android orm and ioc framework. It also encapsulates the framework of Bitmap and Http operations in android to make it easier to use; the design concept of the KJFrameForAndroid development framework is to simplify Android application-level development by encapsulating complex operations in the Android native SDK, and finally implement fast and secure APP development. There are five modules in total: UILibrary, UtilsLibrary, HttpLibrary, BitmapLibrary, and DBLibrary.

Developer QQ: 257053751

Advantages: comprehensive functions, high code efficiency, complete documentation, project demo, and many large framework experiences.

Disadvantage: the framework has the lowest part of the Activity. Is it true that the project communication platform does not speak many people ?)


AndroidAnnotations Project

Github address:

Function: fully annotated framework, all of which are Annotations: declare controls, bind controls, set listening, setcontentview, long-pressed events, asynchronous threads, all implemented through annotations.

Advantage: complete annotations make development more convenient, and fewer code is written by programmers.

Disadvantages: The document is in full English and has fewer functions than specific research. Because everything is annotated, it feels inefficient. However, according to the official introduction, reflection loading is not used, therefore, the efficiency is much higher than that of general annotations.


Github address:

Function: xUtils contains many practical android tools. Supports large file uploads, more comprehensive http request protocol support (10 predicates), more flexible ORM, more event annotations support and are not affected by obfuscation.

Developer QQ: 257323060

Advantage: large file upload is supported, which is more efficient.

Disadvantages: without project documents, the Code logic is not easy to understand and not suitable for learning.


Project address:

Functions: An android ioc and orm framework with four built-in functions: FinalAcitivity, FinalBitmap, FinalDb, and FinalHttp. Through finalActivity, We can bind the ui and events through annotations. Through finalBitmap, we can easily load bitmap images without having to consider problems such as oom. Through the finalDB module, we can add, delete, modify, and query android sqlite databases with a line of code. Through the FinalHttp module, we can request http data in the form of ajax.

Advantages: comprehensive functions, comprehensive documentation, and high code efficiency.

Disadvantages: there is no project demo, the framework takes a long time, and there is more code redundancy, Which is unavoidable). The document is too old to keep up with the Code Update Progress.


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