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I always want to write and play games on my own. Although I do not catch a cold in games, I always have a lot of fun game ideas and want to develop them for myself and my friends.

Recently, I browsed a lot of information about game development. The game uses the keyboard, touch screen, sensor, gesture, mic, etc. as the input. images, sounds, and texts are combined and called as outputs in an interesting way. The essence is output + input.

Sound: as a game, if there is sound as background music, sound effects, or even voice conversations. You can undoubtedly add extra points to the game. However, as mobile games require power consumption and are not very important to the display screen, many mobile games often discard the sound.

Image Display is the most basic and important function. A game without any screen display can surprise people. However, if you develop a game for blind friends, there is no picture. Images must not only be available, but the quality, smoothness, and precision of the images are also very demanding as the user's taste continues to improve.

The necessary text prompts are very useful. Otherwise, there is no way to express the complex meanings of images. In the game, it is better to avoid a large segment of elaboration. Because, after all, few will carefully read these paragraphs. For the background of the overall game story, it is acceptable to have a short text. Of course, these are all part of the game's design philosophy and are not related to technology.

There are many input methods, including keyboard buttons, touch screen, gravity sensor, acceleration sensor, and even light.

From the above points, I can see that painting and texture making of high-quality images is a basic skill. We should also be familiar with APIs of various input forms. Some skills are needed to make the image clear and smooth. To make the image clearer, you need to use more memory, and to be smooth, you need to use as little memory and CPU as possible. At the same time, it is necessary to properly handle multithreading issues.

Data storage and acquisition can take two forms: local and network. If online games need to process real-time data interaction, how can they make the processing network slow, poor network quality will also be difficult.

There are many simulated physical phenomena in the game's screen, such as various life curves such as free fall and parabolic. We need to studyAlgorithmTo see how to draw more realistic images more efficiently. This is just a problem of display.

As players and monsters in the game, intelligence is required. We need to spend more time and energy researching. For example, how to makeProgramPlaying chess, how to make cell phones quickly judge whether users enter the correct numbers, how to make tanks in the tank wars smarter (too stupid to play hard), etc, there will be many more complex difficulties waiting for you.

Mobile game development not only requires you to have a solid programming foundation, but also requires you to know how to make programs consume less CPU memory. Therefore, there are more challenges.


I also just started to learn about game development. I would like to give you some advice on the inaccuracy or error of the ideas described in this article.


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