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There are many android game engines, so you need to screen them based on your requirements.

The selection of this game engine is based on the following principles: 1. The game engine must be open-source and free (open-source and easy to modify)Code(Optimized performance) 2. Have a good development team. 3. Use Java or C/C ++ as much as possible. When all requirements are met, the software with 3D development is preferred. 5. The software must have a good architecture, sufficient development documents, and relevant websites for resources. 6. the engine is simple to use, has good compatibility, and has low hardware requirements. It is best to accelerate it in general configurations, that is, it will not exceed the limitations of mobile devices, such as power, CPU, GPU and other 7. Supports OpenGL and can be transplanted to the Android platform.

In addition, the engine selection has two important points: 1. Efficiency,AlgorithmWhether it is good enough; 2. whether the effect is good enough, whether it can achieve the brilliant effect you want, whether the Sawtooth is serious, and whether it is fresh during running. However, this is not considered after the final selection phase.

Common game engines include: andengine, Rokon, lgame, unity3d, alien 3D, cocos2d-x, cocos2d-android, gamine, andengine, ogre, lrrlicht, libgdx, jpct, jmonkey, angle, catcake.


Andengine, common framework performance, lack of documentation. The architecture determines how far the game can go, so the engine is excluded.


Rokon, the development team is not good, not a company, and there are bugs. Due to the lack of updates for a long time, the number of users is gradually decreasing,


The lgame team is not good. It is not a stable company. The author is lazy and the document is not provided. Therefore, this engine is excluded.


Unity3d is free of charge, butProgramming LanguageIt is not Java or C/C ++, and is not open source. Therefore, it is excluded.


Alien3d is a game engine developed by individuals. It cannot be considered by the team or updated. Therefore, it is excluded.


Cocos2d-x, cocos2d-android, coco2d is transplanted on ipone, in line with the development mode of most ipone developers, but because of copying the object C Development Mode for Java developers will have a little inconvenience. That is to say, language problems are not considered.


Gamine is small but inefficient, so it is not considered.


The performance of the andengine framework is common and missing documents are not considered.


The ogre programming language is C ++, so it is not considered.


The lrrlicht programming language is C ++, so it is not considered.





The remaining game engines are excellent. They are libgdx, jpct, jmonkey, catcake, and angle. Libgdx is the final choice.


Jmonkey is well encapsulated, but many underlying layers cannot be modified.


Angle, designed for the Android platform, is agile and suitable for rapid development. It is developed based on OpenGL ES technology. The engine is all written in Java code and can be replaced according to your own needs, the defect is that the document is insufficient. The downloaded code contains only a few sample tutorials.


Catcake has outstanding performance in terms of ease of use and running performance. It supports conventional game development features such as Genie animation, audio processing, and video playback.


Jpct has good downward compatibility and powerful 3D solutions.


Libgdx is an open-source game engine. Because these game engines are relatively mature, many people are using them, and the key is dedicated.CommunityWebsites and resources are abundant. This is not exclusive to jpct. Therefore, although libgdx has many defects compared with jpct, these defects can still be remedied, and their advantages are also added, so we finally chose it as the game engine for game development. The following are some of its advantages and disadvantages.

Libgdx uses JNI to encapsulate the C ++ version of box2d for the encapsulation of physical engines, which makes the runtime efficiency much faster than other physical engines such as jbox2d at the same level. Currently, almost all android game engines (such as andengine and Rokon) that contain physical engines are using libgdx. Therefore, considering the physical engine, this would be a good choice.

There is a difference in efficiency, that is, it may be very fast on the PC, but it may be very slow on mobile devices. You must be clear about many rules that can be done and cannot be done. Developers should follow these rules, to ensure that applications run well even on low-end Android devices.

Strong compatibility.

Libgdx comes with an image decoder in native mode. The pixmap provided by libgdx can be used to perform pixel-level rendering on the specified image, so that it does not depend on the android bitmap to load and process the image. There is a code doped with C, because this is to handle some operations with high performance requirements, such as physical engines and audio processing. As a user, you only need to pay attention to the Java end and have encapsulated all the local code. At the same time, you can write and adjust your own applications on the PC. Note: The use of relevant components of the sprite lamp is not simplified, and there is a lack of documentation.

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