Android gets the IMEI number

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Core code:

IMEI = (telephonymanager) getsystemservice (telephony_service). getdeviceid ();

1. Add Permissions

In the manifest. xml file, add <uses-Permission Android: Name = "android. Permission. read_phone_state"/>

2. Code

/***** Author test * created on 05:02:47 **/package net. sunniwell. APP; import android. app. activity; import android. OS. bundle; import android. telephony. celllocation; import android. telephony. phonestatelistener; import android. telephony. telephonymanager; public class telmanager extends activity {@ override protected void oncreate (bundle savedinstancestate) {super. oncreate (savedinstancestate); Telephonymanager TM = (telephonymanager) This. getsystemservice (telephony_service);/** call status: * 1. TM. call_state_idle = 0 no activity * 2. TM. call_state_ringing = 1 bell * 3. TM. call_state_offhook = 2 disconnect */TM. getcallstate (); // int/** phone location: **/TM. getcelllocation (); // celllocation/** unique device ID: * IMEI of the GSM mobile phone and meid of the CDMA mobile phone. * return NULL if device ID is not available. */TM. getdeviceid (); // string/** Software Version :* For example, the IMEI/SV (Software Version) for GSM phones. * return NULL if the software version is not available. */TM. getdevicesoftwareversion (); // string/** mobile phone number: * msisdn of the GSM mobile phone. * return NULL if it is unavailable. */TM. getline1number (); // string/** nearby phone information: * type: List <neighboringcellinfo> * permission required: Android. manifest. permission # access_coarse_updates */TM. getneighboringcellinfo (); // list <neighboringcelli Nfo>/** obtain the ISO Standard Country Code, that is, the international long-distance area code. * Note: it is valid only after the user has registered the network. * The results may be unreliable in CDMA networks. */TM. getnetworkcountryiso (); // string/** MCC + MNC (mobile country code + mobile network code) * Note: it is valid only when the user has registered the network. * The results may be unreliable in CDMA networks. */TM. getnetworkoperator (); // string/** name of the current registered operator (currently registered user) in alphabetical order * Note: this parameter is valid only when the user is registered on the network. * The results may be unreliable in CDMA networks. */TM. getnetworkoperatorname (); // string/** current network type used: * example: unknown network type 0 network_type_gprs GPRS network 1 network_type_edge Network 2 network_type_umts UMTS network 3 hybrid HSDPA network 8 hybrid hsupa network 9 network_type_hspa HSPA network 10 network_type_cdma network, is95a or is95b. 4 network_type_evdo_0 evdo network, Revision 0. 5 network_type_evdo_a evdo network, Revision. 6 network_type_1x RTT 1xrtt network 7 */TM. getnetworktype (); // int/** mobile phone type: * e. g.: phone_type_none no signal phone_type_gsm GSM signal phone_type_cdma signal */TM. getphonetype (); // int/** returns the ISO country code equivalent for the sim provider's country code. * obtain the ISO country code, which is equivalent to the Country Code that provides the SIM card. **/TM. getsimcountryiso (); // string/** returns the MCC + MNC (mobile country code + mobile network code) of the provider of the sim. 5 or 6 decimal digits. * obtain the mobile country code and mobile network code provided by the SIM card. 5 or 6 digits in decimal format. * The SIM card status must be sim_state_ready (determined by getsimstate ). */TM. getsimoperator (); // string/** service provider name: * For example, China Mobile and China Unicom * the SIM card status must be sim_state_ready (determined by getsimstate ). */TM. getsimoperatorname (); // string/** SIM card serial number: * required permission: read_phone_state */TM. getsimserialnumber (); // string/** SIM status information: * sim_state_unknown unknown status 0 sim_state_absent no plug-in card 1 sim_state_pin_required lock status. the user's pin code is required to unlock 2 Tib lock status, the user's pukcode is required to unlock the 3 sim_state_network_locked lock status, and the network's pin code is required to unlock 4 sim_state_ready ready status 5 */TM. getsimstate (); // int/** Unique User ID: * For example, imsi (International Mobile User Identification Code) for a gsm phone. * permission required: read_phone_state */TM. getsubscriberid (); // string/** get the tags related to the voice mail, that is, the identifier * requires the permission: read_phone_state */TM. getvoicemailalphatag (); // string/** get the voice mail number: * permission required: read_phone_state */TM. getvoicemailnumber (); // string/** check whether the ICC card exists */TM. hasicccard (); // Boolean/** roaming: * (for GSM purposes) */TM. isnetworkroaming ();//}}
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