Android Handlerthread analog Asynctask function (Threadtask)

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Asynctask is a good thing to handle most application threads and update UI tasks because it uses a static thread pool internally, if you have a bunch of asynchronous tasks (such as global timing update data, Multiple asynctask in the same activity can be executed at the same time (for example, if a network request times out), it is bad, other tasks are still waiting, there will be a task card. At this point the need for direct thread, here reference Asynctask API encapsulated a threadtask, easy to code replacement when necessary, welcome to communicate!

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Import Android.os.Handler;
Import Android.os.HandlerThread;
Import Android.os.Looper;
Import Android.os.Message;
    Public abstract class Threadtask<params, Progress, result> {private Handlerthread mhandlerthread;
    Private Taskhandler Mhandler;
    Private Taskhandler Muihandler;
    Private params[] Mparams; Public Threadtask () {mhandlerthread = new Handlerthread ("Threadtask", Android.os.Process.THREAD_PRIORITY_BACKGROU
        Mhandlerthread.start ();
        Mhandler = new Taskhandler (Mhandlerthread.getlooper ());
    Muihandler = new Taskhandler (Looper.getmainlooper ());
    } protected abstract result Doinbackground (Params ... Params); protected void OnPreExecute () {} protected void Onprogressupdate (Progress ... values) {} Protec Ted final void Publishprogress (Progress. Values) {muihandler.obtainmessage (message_progress, values). Sendtotarg
    ET (); } protected void OnpostexeCute (result result) {} public final Boolean iscancelled () {return mhandlerthread.isinterrupted ();
            Public final void Cancel (Boolean mayinterruptifrunning) {if (!mhandlerthread.isinterrupted ()) {
                try {mhandlerthread.quit ();
            Mhandlerthread.interrupt ();
            catch (SecurityException e) {e.printstacktrace ();
            catch (Exception e) {e.printstacktrace ();
    } oncancelled (); 
        } protected void Oncancelled () {} public void execute (Params ... Params) {mparams = Params;
        OnPreExecute ();
    Mhandler.sendemptymessage (Message_inbackground);
    private static final int message_inbackground = 0;
    private static final int message_postexecute = 1;
    private static final int message_progress = 2; Private class Taskhandler extends Handler {public TaskhAndler (Looper looper) {super (Looper);
            @SuppressWarnings ("unchecked") @Override public void Handlemessage (msg) { Switch (msg.what) {case MESSAGE_INBACKGROUND:mUiHandler.obtainMessage (message_postexecute
                , Doinbackground (Mparams)). Sendtotarget ();
                Case Message_postexecute:onpostexecute ((result) msg.obj);
                Case Message_progress:onprogressupdate ((progress[]) msg.obj);
            Break }

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Because OnPreExecute and OnPostExecute are both executing in the main thread and guaranteeing the order of execution, the handler is used to control the order of execution, depending on the loop, handler can switch between executing the code in the child thread or executing the code in the main thread.


In addition to not under the thread pool control, can also be the real cancel (Asynctask is not, just a mark), write some hasty, unavoidable bugs, welcome feedback!

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