Android homepage carousel images are used directly, and android homepage is used

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Android homepage carousel images are used directly, and android homepage is used

Import java. util. arrayList; import java. util. list; import java. util. concurrent. executors; import java. util. concurrent. scheduledExecutorService; import java. util. concurrent. timeUnit; import android. content. context; import android. OS. handler; import android. support. v4.view. viewPager; import android. support. v4.view. viewPager. onPageChangeListener; import android. util. attributeSet; import android. view. gravity; import android. view. motionEvent; import android. view. view; import android. view. view. onClickListener; import android. widget. imageView; import android. widget. imageView. scaleType; import android. widget. linearLayout; import android. widget. secret; public class HeadAD extends RelativeLayout {private ViewPager vp; private LinearLayout symbolLayout, bottomLayout; private LayoutParams lp; // private ArrayList <ImageView> symbolViews; private List <ViewPagerBean> showResults; private boolean isContinue = true; private int currentItem = 0; // Index Number of the current image private ScheduledExecutorService updateService; private Context context Context; public void initData (List <ViewPagerBean> pResult) {showResults = pResult;} public HeadAD (Context context, AttributeSet attrs) {super (context, attrs); this. context = context; // setBackgroundResource (R. color. black);} public void initView (Context context) {// TODO Auto-generated method stublp = new LayoutParams (LayoutParams. MATCH_PARENT, DensityUtil. dip2px (context, 180); vp = new ViewPager (context); vp. setLayoutParams (lp); lp = new LayoutParams (LayoutParams. MATCH_PARENT, DensityUtil. dip2px (context, 20); lp. addRule (RelativeLayout. ALIGN_PARENT_BOTTOM); bottomLayout = new LinearLayout (context); bottomLayout. setGravity (Gravity. CENTER); bottomLayout. setOrientation (LinearLayout. VERTICAL); bottomLayout. setLayoutParams (lp); bottomLayout. setBackgroundResource (R. color. footerBg); lp = new LayoutParams (LayoutParams. MATCH_PARENT, LayoutParams. WRAP_CONTENT); symbolLayout = new LinearLayout (context); symbolLayout. setGravity (Gravity. CENTER); symbolLayout. setOrientation (LinearLayout. HORIZONTAL); symbolLayout. setPadding (0, 0, 5, 5); ImageView symbolIv; for (int I = 0; I <showResults. size (); I ++) {if (showResults. size ()> 1) {symbolIv = new ImageView (context); LinearLayout. layoutParams params = new LinearLayout. layoutParams (LinearLayout. layoutParams. WRAP_CONTENT, LinearLayout. layoutParams. WRAP_CONTENT); params. rightMargin = 10; symbolIv. setBackgroundResource (R. drawable. point_bg); symbolIv. setEnabled (false); if (I = 0) {symbolIv. setEnabled (true);} else {symbolIv. setEnabled (false);} symbolIv. setLayoutParams (params); symbolLayout. addView (symbolIv) ;}} bottomLayout. addView (symbolLayout); adapter = new ViewPagerAdapter (context, showResults); vp. setAdapter (adapter); vp. setOnTouchListener (new OnTouchListener () {@ Overridepublic boolean onTouch (View v, MotionEvent event) {// TODO Auto-generated method stubswitch (event. getAction () {case MotionEvent. ACTION_DOWN: isContinue = false; break; case MotionEvent. ACTION_MOVE: isContinue = false; break; case MotionEvent. ACTION_UP: isContinue = true; break; case MotionEvent. ACTION_CANCEL: break;} return false ;}}); vp. setOnPageChangeListener (new MyPageChangeListener (); addView (vp); addView (bottomLayout);} private Handler viewPagerHandler = new Handler () {public void handleMessage (android. OS. message msg) {vp. setCurrentItem (currentItem % showResults. size (); // switch the currently displayed image}; public ViewPagerAdapter adapter; // call this function directly in OnResume of the activity, the current interface starts to loop public void startUpdate () {this. updateService = Executors. newSingleThreadScheduledExecutor (); this. updateService. scheduleAtFixedRate (new ScrollTask (), 5, 5, TimeUnit. SECONDS);} // called directly in the OnPause of the activity. When the current interface is not the activity, the public void stopUpdate () {this. updateService. shutdown (); updateService = null;}/*** call ***/private class MyPageChangeListener implements OnPageChangeListener {private int oldPosition = 0 when the Page Status in ViewPager changes; public void onPageSelected (int position) {currentItem = position % showResults. size (); symbolLayout. getChildAt (oldPosition ). setEnabled (false); symbolLayout. getChildAt (position ). setEnabled (true); oldPosition = position;} public void onPageScrollStateChanged (int arg0) {} public void onPageScrolled (int arg0, float arg1, int arg2) {}}/*** newline switching task ** @ author Administrator **/private class ScrollTask implements Runnable {public void run () {if (isContinue) {synchronized (vp) {System. out. println ("currentItem:" + currentItem); currentItem = (currentItem + 1) % showResults. size (); viewPagerHandler. obtainMessage (). sendToTarget (); // switch the image through Handler }}}}}

HEADAD enables custom carousel timing.

The following describes how to delete some project logic by using the adapter.

Import java. util. list; import android. content. context; import android. content. intent; import android. support. v4.view. pagerAdapter; import android. view. view; import android. view. view. onClickListener; import android. view. viewGroup; import android. widget. imageView; import com. nostra13.universalimageloader. core. displayImageOptions; /*************************************** **************************************** * ********************************/public class ViewPagerAdapter extends PagerAdapter {List <ViewPagerBean> lists; context ct; private ImageView imgView; private int currentPosition = 0; private DisplayImageOptions options; public ViewPagerAdapter (Context ct, List <ViewPagerBean> mList) {lists = mList; this. ct = ct; options = new DisplayImageOptions. builder (). cacheInMemory (true ). cacheOnDisk (true ). showImageOnLoading (R. drawable. default_news_logo ). build ();}/*** get the total number of pages */public int getCount () {return lists. size ();}/*** get the container of view container view at the corresponding position */public Object instantiateItem (ViewGroup container, final int position) {// imgView. setOnClickListener (this); imgView = new ImageView (ct); imgView. setScaleType (ImageView. scaleType. FIT_XY); if (lists. size () = 0) {} else {// write your own logic currentPosition = position % lists. size ();} // Add a viewcontainer to the container. addView (imgView); // returns an objectreturn imgView relative to the view;}/*** determines the ing between the view and the object */public boolean isViewFromObject (View view, object object) {if (view = object) {return true;} else {return false ;}} /*** destroy the object at the corresponding position */public void destroyItem (ViewGroup container, int position, Object object) {container. removeView (View) object); object = null;} @ Overridepublic int getItemPosition (Object object) {// TODO Auto-generated method stubreturn super. getItemPosition (object );}}
Entity bean will not be pasted here


Import android. content. context; public class DensityUtil {/*** convert the unit of dip to px (pixel) */public static int dip2px (Context context, float dpValue) based on the resolution of the mobile phone) {final float scale = context. getResources (). getDisplayMetrics (). density; return (int) (dpValue * scale + 0.5f);}/*** based on the resolution of the phone) to dp */public static int px2dip (Context context, float pxValue) {final float scale = context. getResources (). getDisplayMetrics (). density; return (int) (pxValue/scale + 0.5f );}}

How to call:

mViewPager = new HeadAD(getActivity(), null);mViewPager.initData(viewPagerLists);mViewPager.initView(getActivity());
That's OK.

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