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ImageView's scaletype determines what the image looks like when it is displayed on the view, such as what scale is scaled, and whether the picture is displayed as a whole or part, and so on.

The ways to set up include:

1. Define android:scaletype= "CENTER" in the layout XML

2. or call Imageview.setscaletype (ImageView.ScaleType.CENTER) in the code;

Next, the value of the ScaleType and the corresponding display effect are described in the most intuitive way-the method that the true figure demonstrates.

First, the original picture used for the test:

(DIMENSIONS:128 * 128)

(dimensions:640 * 428)

OK, start the following test:

1. Setscaletype (ImageView.ScaleType.CENTER);

Centered on the original size of the picture, when the picture is longer/wider than the length/width of the view, the center portion of the image is displayed

2. Setscaletype (ImageView.ScaleType.CENTER_CROP);

Proportionally enlarges the size of the image so that the image is long (wide) equal to or greater than the length (width) of the view

3. Setscaletype (ImageView.ScaleType.CENTER_INSIDE);

Center the contents of the picture in full, by scaling it down or the original size to make the picture long/wide equal to or less than the length/width of the view

4. Setscaletype (ImageView.ScaleType.FIT_CENTER);

Enlarges/shrinks the image to the width of the view, centered on the display

5. Fit_start, fit_end in the picture zoom effect and fit_center, just show the location of different, Fit_start is placed on the top, Fit_center Center, fit_end at the bottom.

There is no example to show here.

6. Fit_xy

Do not scale the picture proportionally, the goal is to fill the picture with the entire view.

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