Android instance-idhttp download (and implement automatic installation)

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1. Group No. 383675978

2. Runtime prompt "Connection closed gracefully" error cause and resolution Http://

3. The compile-time prompt "[Exec Error] The command ... exited with code 1." Error cause unknown, workaround delete androidsdk, download new version, introduce new version of SDK.

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  1 unit Unit1; 2 3 Interface 4 5 uses 6 system.sysutils, System.types, System.uitypes, System.classes, system.variants, 7 FMX. Types, FMX. Controls, FMX. Forms, FMX. Graphics, FMX. Dialogs, 8 FMX. Controls.presentation, Fmx.stdctrls, FMX. Objects, 9 system.ioutils, Idbasecomponent, Idcomponent, Idtcpconnection, Idtcpclient,,//tjnet_ URI using one Androidapi.JNI.JavaTypes,//jfile using the androidapi.jni.graphicscontentviewtext,//jintent using the Androidapi.hel Pers,//stringtojstring using the Idhttp;//tpath with the type TFORM1 = Class (Tform) Label1:tlabel; Progressbar1:tprogressbar; Label2:tlabel; Button1:tbutton; Idhttp1:tidhttp; Procedure Button1Click (Sender:tobject); Procedure Idhttp1work (Asender:tobject; Aworkmode:tworkmode; (Aworkcount:int64); Procedure Idhttp1workbegin (Asender:tobject; Aworkmode:tworkmode; Aworkcountmax:int64); Procedure Idhttp1workend (Asender: TObject; Aworkmode:tworkmode); Private declarations {private} to Isdown:boolean; function downfilepath:string; Public declarations} The "test.apk"; Form1:tform1 var; Implementation: {$R *.FMX} + {$R *. NMXHDPIPH.FMX ANDROID} procedure Tform1.button1click (Sender:tobject); surlpath,sfilepath:string var; Wuyi Ofile:tfilestream; Isdown begin: = True; Sfilepath: = Downfilepath + FileName; If FileExists (Sfilepath) then//To determine if the previous file exists in the DeleteFile (Sfilepath); *//surlpath:= ' ';//file (with Baidu Cloud Test) 59//originally wanted to use Baidu cloud, I 艹, Do not know why Baidu cloud download, the hint "connection closed gracefully" surlpath:= ' ';//file (with Baidu Cloud test) Ofile: = Tfilestream.create (Sfilepath, fmcreate); Files saved after download the path of try progressBar1.Value: = 0; Idhttp1.Get (Surlpath, ofile); except to the end;; The end; the function TForm1.DownFilePath:string; The Result: = Tpath.getdownloadspath + Pathdelim; The end; Procedure Tform1.idhttp1work (Asender:tobject; Aworkmode:tworkmode; Aworkcount:int64); progressBar1.Value begin: = Aworkcount; The end; Bayi procedure Tform1.idhttp1workbegin (asender:tobject; Aworkmode:tworkmode; Aworkcountmax:int64); progressBar1.Value begin: = Aworkcountmax; The end; Procedure Tform1.idhttp1workend (Asender:tobject; Aworkmode:tworkmode); The $IFDEF ANDROID} ofile:jfile Var; Ointent:jintent; Isdown {$ENDIF} 94 begin {$IFDEF ANDROID} 96//download completed automatically after the installation of the "if" and then 98 begin Try100 Ofile: = TJ File. Javaclass.init (Stringtojstring (Downfilepath), stringtojstring (FileName)); 101 Ointent: = tjintent.create;102 OI Ntent.setaction (TJIntent.JavaClass.ACTION_VIEW); 103 Ointent.addflags (TJINTENT.JAVACLASS.FLag_activity_new_task); 104 Ointent.setdataandtype (TJnet_Uri.JavaClass.fromFile (ofile), stringtojstring (' Application/ '); sharedactivitycontext.startactivity (ointent); 106 Except107 En d;108 end;109 {$ENDIF}110 end;111-end.

Android instance-idhttp download (and implement automatic installation)

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