Android Interface Design Dimensions

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I. Size and resolution

Android interface Size: 480*800, 720*1280, 1080*1920. [Unit: Pixel]

Android more than the size of the iphone is a lot more sets, it is recommended to take 720*1280 this dimension, this size 720*1280 display perfect, in the 1080*1920 look clearer, the image file size after the cut image is also moderate, the memory consumption of the application will not be too high.

Second, the basic elements of the interface

Android's app interface is basically the same as the iphone: status bar, navigation bar, main menu, content area.

The size of the 720*1280 we use in Android, let's talk about the dimensions of these elements in this size.

Status bar Height: 50px

Height of navigation bar: 96px

Main Menu bar Height: 96px

Content Area Height: 1038px (1280-50-96-96=1038)

Android recently out of the mobile phone almost removed the entity keys, the function keys moved to the screen, of course, the height is the same as the menu bar: 96px

Ps: Before I read a lot about Android interface size tutorial, did not find a specific specification like iOS, perhaps because the height of the wirelessly these controls can be customized by the program, do not mention the specific size values, so you find the Android design specifications, Size is the amount of their own in PS.

Android in order to differentiate the iOS from the interface, Android4.0 began to put forward a set of Holo UI style Some of the latest version of the app has adopted this style, the most obvious change in the style is to move the main menu below the navigation bar, this way to solve the current many mobile phones after removing the entity key and then appear on the screen after the embarrassing situation of the double-bottom bar.

Three, font size

The fonts on Android are: Droid sans fallback, Google's own font, and Microsoft ya black very much like.

Similarly, Baidu user experience in the survey, you can see the user acceptable text corresponding problems.

Specific size, or that sentence, find their favorite app interface, mobile phone after the PS to adjust their own font size, remember, must be high-definition

Android Interface Design Dimensions

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