Android layout tips, basic knowledge collection

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This article constantly updated, used to record the usual layout related to the useful points, here to share to everyone, if there is a mistake to say, thank you.

1, the ListView Add button and other things, you can set the ListView properties Android:layout_weight= "1" and then you can display.

2, two buttons filled with a line, you can set the property android:layout_weight= "1". You can split the display.

3. The difference between android:gravity and android:layout_gravity:

Android:gravity is where the child controls are arranged in the current control

Android:layout_gravity is the placement position for the current control in the parent control

For example, a control button:android:layout_gravity represents the position of the button on the interface. The android:gravity represents the position of the word on the button on the button.

4, relativelayout Some important attributes, through the following properties can achieve a lot of layout effect

Android:layout_centerinparent Center Layout
Android:layout_centervertical Vertical Center Layout
Android:layout_centerhorizontal Horizontal Center Layout
Android:layout_alignparenttop in the top of the container
Android:layout_alignparentbottom in the bottom of the container
Android:layout_alignparentleft in the left side of the container
Android:layout_alignparentright in the right side of the container

Android:layout_above above the specified view
Android:layout_below below the specified view
Android:layout_torightof on the right side of the specified view
Android:layout_toleftof on the left side of the specified view
Android:layout_aligntop is consistent with top of the specified view

5. Android TextView There is an attribute with an ellipsis in the contents of the ellipsize , Use the following in XML :

Android:ellipsize = "End" ellipsis at the end
Android:ellipsize = "Start" ellipsis at the beginning
Android:ellipsize = "Middle" ellipsis in the middle
Android:ellipsize = "marquee" marquee
Android:singleline = "true"

6, Android button set the color is different before and after the click

Create a new drawable folder in the Res directory, this folder is resolution-independent, and then create a new Button_selector.xml file in this folder, the root node is selector oh.

When you are new, modify the entire file contents to look like this:

<?xml version= "1.0" encoding= "Utf-8"? ><selector xmlns:android= " Android ">        <item android:drawable=" @color/button_normal "android:state_pressed=" false "/>        < Item android:drawable= "@color/button_pressed" android:state_pressed= "true"/></selector>
Then create the Colors.xml file in the Res/values directory with the following contents:

<resources>    <color name= "Button_normal" > #2464A9 </color>    <color name= "button_pressed "> #0099FF </color></resources>

Then in the layout file, locate the button that you want to add the effect to, and add the following properties:

        android:background= "@drawable/button_selector"
Well, the effect we need is done.

Android layout tips, basic knowledge collection

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