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I haven't written a blog for a long time. I 've been from a small company to a big company! Originally engaged in. net, made a resource website in the previous company and made it using hubbledotnet. The company kept me for a while, but I finally chose to leave because of some factors, (The salary is also a little low, it is not easy to get a drift in the north, the rent is too expensive )! This way, the boss invited me to have a meal before leaving. The boss is very nice to me (I didn't deduct my salary for leave, huh, huh). Thank you, boss!

After coming to the new company, I also learned a lot of technical things that I have never used before, but arranged for me to work as the front-end. The boss now said that the front-end is to bind data to the page. distributed development is used here, the underlying layer is Java and used at the front end. net, because I am not familiar with Java and have not done any projects in Java, I have arranged for the front-end, but I have no "interest" in the front-end, at that time, it was found that android was quite popular and many people were learning it! I have been studying for more than half a month and shared my collected materials here ......

Mars series video: (speak very good, a lot of children's shoes follow learning)

Mars Forum:

China Mobile Communications developersCommunity: Http://

As well as what I'm reading, Google androiod SDK developers

There are a lot of materials. If you have better information, please share it ......

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