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In recent years, mobile platforms have become increasingly popular. Open your own QQ. There are 31 online friends, 13 of which are on mobile phones and 42% are on mobile phone users. Open Sina Weibo, Tianya, and maopu websites, there are countless posts and replies for various terminal devices. Currently, mobile phone platforms are dominated by IOS and Android, especially iOS and Symbian, and WP7 is struggling. IOS, as always, follows the closed path of Apple's characteristics. However, its strength lies in its ability to build a complete ecosystem. Steve Jobs is indeed one of the secrets of the sky. On the contrary, Android pursues an open policy. Note: Android is open, not open-source. It is kicked out of the Linux kernel Main Line from Android.CodeTo see why Android is open rather than open source: /. I am still in favor of the android open policy. After all, mobile phone manufacturers still have to make money to support their families. Today, the closure of iOS and the opening of Android make it difficult to remember how the closed Apple Mac was defeated by the open ibm pc. Can Google reproduce IBM's glory? It's hard to say that Apple is still a great company to eat and grow smart. However, I am optimistic about Google and Android.

Now that we are optimistic about the mobile platform and Android, let's take a look. To do well, you must first sharpen your tools. I believe everyone knows that Android apps are written in Java and run on the Dalvik virtual machine. In addition, Android systems are based on Linux kernel 2.6. Therefore, if you want to have a deep understanding of the details of the Android system, you must have the knowledge of Linux kernel. I am at a limited level. I am also a little bit familiar with Linux kernel. I hope to share with you. Here, I recommend some classic Linux kernel books for a few days:

1. Linux kernel development.

2. Understanding the Linux kernel.

3. Linux device drivers.

4. Linux KernelSource codeScenario Analysis.

I read the Linux kernel book, but I also want to read the android book. In this way, I can have a perceptual knowledge of what the Android platform looks like. I recommend the following two books:

1. Professional Android application development.

2. Google Android SDK development examples.

If you can read a book while following the example, it will be better :). Later, I will summarize some useful knowledge about my learning process and share it with you. Start our android journey.

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