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Two or three things to learn about Android

In finishing this sentiment, I am Starbucks, Android SDK is the Turtle Speed update, the last big homework has not yet, so write feelings.

1 Opening

First of all, I first introduce myself, a typical technical house, called me News (csdn id:titer1).

Unlike most of the forums, I was a lot of contacts with Android, five years ago, that was Android 2.3, I built my Android SDK demo, but out of the so-called underlying technology paranoia, I have been to the upper development not cold, I was finally impressed by the experience of my colleagues who developed the app after work.

2 Thanksgiving to the small partners of Shanghai University

A few months last year, every weekend, Shanghai University's small partners will organize to share the Android development sharing.
There, I learned.
-Android Studio Environment building
-Udacity sunshine from the easy to the difficult development process
-Parse debug with JSON, etc.
-The idea of Material design
-Of course, met the moderator and other enthusiastic small partners

The process of learning was updated in my CSDN blog, the following is my column information

Udacity Learning notes for Android Web public lessons

As a result of the work, Udacity Sunshine stopped halfway.
I've always had a pity. The reason, I would like to have:

    • At the time of work, I was not in the platform of Android, resulting in the main line.
    • Other occasions have not had the opportunity to show me Android development skills

This is not the case until the last one months of studyjams activities have come to a turnaround.
Special thanks to my little buddy, they are

Excavator team from UESTC

Everyone is from the network of enthusiasts, most of which is my study younger sister, everyone's enthusiasm infected me.
Most of the QQ group is not computer trained, but this is not a big problem at all.

    • Tutorial is to give everyone Java charging,
    • Tudyjams Forum is a big nutrition supermarket!
    • The patient Service of the edition Lord and Moe customer

So, a tribute to "excavator" Ah!
Thank you for each and every member of the team to serve the small partner!
Without their service, it might be that the homework was not handed in.

Other enthusiasts mirror providers

Thanks to the enthusiastic open source enthusiasts, they provide an SDK image that makes the wall not a problem.

Until today, I found that the Dormforce Android SDK image I set was invalid, but the other images provided in Androiddevtools helped me get my SDK back to combat, so cool

The Forum of the essence of the author

Every time I submit my homework, I will pay attention to the other students ' homework, many people not only for video interpretation of The imitation of practice, but also added their own optimization ideas, this is the power of network learning, thank the jar!

3 Technology

Do not list those knowledge points, all the work witnessed the whole process!

The whole tutorial has a new improvement on me in the following areas
-familiar with the structure of Android engineering
-Familiar with the ins and outs of layout
-Familiar with material design
-Consolidating Java OOP

    • On the surface, this is a tutorial for 0 Java Android Basics, and Udacity sunshine is another style, I strongly recommend that learners after this tutorial to enter Udacity Sunshine Learning, the following is the link:
      GitHub sunshine-version-2
      GitHub sunshine

Thank you for your reading!
I hope to show my work in the company's innovation exhibition and other platforms!

Thank the lover for taking the time to work with me the final piece, she is responsible for photo material and copywriting, I am responsible for the program framework, nice start!

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Android Learning two or three things-studyjams Forum Learning Thoughts

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