Android LIBGDX Game Engine Development Tutorial (vii) Display and drawing of Chinese fonts (top)

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In the display and rendering of fonts, Libgdx's author (Mario Zechner, American) provides us with a very useful tool

--hiero, let's take a look at how it is used.

First, the use of Hiero tools

1. Download Address of Hiero tool

2, after the download, double-click Hiero.jar File Open, we can see some of the basic functions of Hiero, compared to the author is still relatively simple to understand. Know from the interface, it includes a lot of options, you can make special effects, change the background color, set the spacing and so on, the right and to provide us with a good font effect click the "Add" button can be added. As shown in the following figure, it is simple to mark the function, here is not detailed, interested students can find their own to explore.

Note: In the "Introduce TTF format font file" column, click the button, you can introduce ourselves to download some of the more beautiful fonts, but the blogger tried several fonts, in the input text to find some individual text does not appear, here need to pay attention to, but the problem is not, in the next article, We'll also use another way to teach you to implement the fonts we want in the TTF format.

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