Android Log Cat Summary

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Android.util.Log commonly used methods have the following 5:

LOG.V ()------> VERBOSE: Black, any message

LOG.D ()------> debug : Blue, Debug Info

LOG.I ()------> Info : green, hint info

LOG.W ()------> WARN : orange, warning message

LOG.E ()------> Error: Red, wrong message

Note: The important level of information increases in turn, when the output level selected in the Logcat, the smaller the output, the greater the amount of information, that will only output more serious than the current level of data

>1,log.v debugging color is black , any message will output, here V for verbose verbose meaning, usually used is LOG.V ("", "");

>2,log.d output color is blue , only output debug debugging meaning, but he will output the upper level of information, filtering up can be selected by DDMS logcat tag.

>3,log.i output is green , general informational message information, it will not output LOG.V and LOG.D information, but will display I, W and e information

>4,LOG.W, which means orange , can be seen as a warning warning, generally requires us to focus on optimizing the Android code, while selecting it will also output LOG.E information.

>5,log.e is red , can think of error errors, here only the red error message, these errors need our careful analysis, view the stack of information.

Android Log Cat Summary

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