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Editor's note: the author is CTO of clove garden, co-founder of Beta coffee, and Feng dahui.

In the recent release of the Android version of the clove garden drug assistant, I used several important Android markets in China. Every time I wanted to release a new version, I felt like: almost all Android Market background users have poor experience.

Each information has one

All Android Market in China and Google's official Android Market are not "compatible". No matter the product description and Application category, each of them is a set of products. For example, the software has its own requirements. If the sizes and formats are inconsistent, the individual manual processing needs to be performed separately, which increases the workload of developers. The product description is also strange. Some support rich text editing, and some support only common text. Some update software requires that the update content be written, and some do not prompt to fill in. If you want to write, you need to modify the description of the entire App. For example, for classified information, the drug Assistant of the clove garden can only be included in the "life" category in some markets, and may be forced to be included in the "other" category in another Market 」, because no category related to health or medical care can be found.

Version Control Problems

Only a few of them are somewhat conscious of version control, and most of them do not have a reliable version control mechanism. The developer can update any version in the background, and the card reviewer: puts you in a "Review" status that cannot be modified or undone. Once an error is found, you can only wait for the next version. As for the review cycle, it is also a strange thing. Sometimes it is desirable to establish a new version, and some need to manually contact "we have released a new version. Please wait for a Review", and some may last for a week.

Background accessibility

Some background speed is slow (this is difficult for me to figure out), and even applications cannot be normally displayed. However, the upload interface also has many details, it is outrageous that there are several companies that don't even prompt the upload progress. During the upload process, they can only rely on their feelings and wait. The package of the Medical Assistant in the clove garden is still large, and sometimes the transmission is interrupted, it's crazy.

Chaotic Interface Information

It is still difficult to run the entire process when submitting the software after the first registration. The prompts and terminologies must be understood for half a day to know what is going on, and the text is too different. After logging on to the background, a typical situation is that most Market cannot find the link of the published application on the foreground from the background, such as application aggregation. Some markets are even more out-of-the-box, such as meizu.

Inaccurate data

Statistics in almost all Android markets are not particularly accurate. Some even download statistics are not updated for several days, and some even do not perform data statistics in the background. To download statistics, you must go to the front-end page to view the statistics. If you want to download reliable Android data, you cannot download reliable Android data. If you want to collect statistics on the data opened by an application, you 'd better enable the application statistics service such as umeng early.

Complicated process

Complicated processes: This is mainly for the bureaucratic markets such as China Unicom, China Mobile, and Lenovo. For example, if there are hundreds of pieces of user qualification information to be filled in, let's go over it, in less than a few hours, you may not be able to cooperate with the company (or copy the business license or something). You may crash before submitting the application. Therefore, sometimes you have to give up on such a market, even if a user really wants to download your application from these channels, there is no way.


In fact, not only does the Android Market in China have a poor user experience for developers, but Google's official market is not a bad idea. On the Internet every day, we can see that the user experience of this website is poor, and the user experience of that website is poor. In fact, if you use these Android software markets, we can see that there is no bottom line for poor user experience.

I attended the mobile developer conference a few days ago and found that the App Market is already a standard set by major Internet companies. They are all launching their own markets. I'm afraid they will be even more messy in the future. It is reported that a startup team has submitted tools to multiple markets at a time during development and I don't know when to see them. Obviously, this is a thankless thing.

It may also be that every Android Market is working on the frontend user experience. We sincerely hope that the Android Market in China will be able to take a look at the user experience issues for developers and maintainers as soon as possible, this is what every Android developer is looking forward to and gives developers more energy to do what they should do.

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