Android Mediacodec Status (states) conversion analysis

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* Due to work needs, need to use MEDIACODEC to achieve playback and transcode functions, so in the learning process translated Google's official Mediacodec API document, due to the author's level limit, the text inevitably have errors and inappropriate, hope to criticize.

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There are three states within the Mediacodec life cycle:Stopped, executing or released, where

  Stopped state contains three seed states:uninitialized, configured and Error

  executing states contain three seed states:flushed, Running and end-of-stream

Because the MEDIACODEC in different data processing mode between the state of the conversion will be a little different, so we are the synchronous processing mode and asynchronous processing mode of the state transition to do a detailed analysis

state transitions in synchronous mode (asynchronous processing using buffers)

  First, let's take a look at the flowchart of state transitions, as follows:

 1. When passing

Android Mediacodec Status (states) conversion analysis

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