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Android phoneThe code editor is simple and convenient. Last year we saw the best iPad code editor, which was applicableAndroid phoneThe code editor is rare, and the current situation is very different. The following describes two popular editors that are very suitable for Android.


TouchqodeIt is the most complete code editor on the Android Market. Its syntax highlighting function is applicable to Java, HTML, JavaScript, Python, C ++, C #, Ruby, PHP, and other programming languages. At the same time, it can upload code and be compiled by other servers, it also supports remote compilation of FTP and SFTP. All these features are provided in the free version.

TouchqodeThe unique custom keyboard makes it easy for users to enter Frequently Used programming characters faster. This is a good design, but because it hides other characters, this also causes some inconvenience when users log on to the FTP server. Although this method of constant conversion between a custom programming keyboard and other keyboards may be somewhat cumbersome, if you needAndroid phoneThis is a little bit of trouble.

Android mobile network Editor

AndTouchqodeDifferent user-defined keyboards,Android phoneThe Network editor displays some frequently used characters on the screen. You can click on the touch screen as needed.

Android phoneThe Network editor also worksTouchqodeFTP is supported, but in contrast,Android phoneNetwork editors support less programming languagesTouchqodeSo many support only HTML, JavaScript, and PHP), the syntax highlighting function is not stable and can be used, but the effect is not good ), moreover, the free version is not complete yet and remote files cannot be saved ). But it also has some advantages, such as its user interface is good, it shows the number of lines, but also relatively cheap, registration fee is only 3 USD. If you only need to write HTML, JavaScript, and PHP files, this is also a good choice.

Android phoneThe code editor is simple and convenient. Isn't it very different? For programming hobbies, come and try it.

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