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We have previously deposited the monthly revenue and expenditure details into the SQLite datasheet, this article will be implemented from the SQLite datasheet to remove the data displayed as the billing detail interface.

The following diagram is the final effect chart:

I have considered several scenarios when designing this interface. I was going to use a GridView because I thought the name was very much like what I needed. But then I checked some information, and did some experiments, and found some gaps with my imagination. So the current approach was adopted. Use ListView.

The interface layout is actually very simple, which is the top table header (LinearLayout), the middle one ListView, and the following is a footnote (linearlayout).

How do I implement ListView content? This is mainly to understand the use of adapter.

Simplecursoradapter (context context, int layout, Cursor C, string[] from, int[] to)

Java code

String[] From=new string[] {"rowID", "name", "fee", "sdate", "desc"}; 
Int[] To=new int[] {,,,,}; 
Simplecursoradapter madapter=new simplecursoradapter (This,r.layout.grid_items, Cur,from, to); 
Lv.setadapter (Madapter); 

Here we just need to prepare the view style and cursor.

For example, in this example

R.layout.grid_items is

xml/html Code

<?xml version= "1.0" encoding= "Utf-8"?> <linearlayout xmlns:android= "" Android "android:orientation=" horizontal "android:layout_width=" Fill_parent "android:layout_height=" Fill_parent " > <textview android:id= "@+id/item1" android:layout_height= "fill_parent" android:layout_width= "Wrap_content" Android:width= "20dip"/> <textview android:id= "@+id/item2" android:layout_height= "Fill_parent" android:text= "Accounts" android:width= "60dip" android:layout_width= "wrap_content"/>/> <textview android:id= "@+id/item3" and roid:text= "fee (yuan)" android:textsize= "14dip" android:width= "60dip" android:layout_width= "Wrap_content" Android: layout_height= "Fill_parent" android:textstyle= "Bold|italic"/> <textview android:id= "@+id/item4" Android:layo ut_height= "Fill_parent" android:text= "date" android:width= "80dip" android:layout_width= "wrap_content"/> <T Extview android:id= "@+id/item5" Android:layout_height= "Fill_parent" android:text= "Memo" android:width= "100dip" android:layout_width= "wrap_content"/> </Linea 

In the to argument in adapter, specify the values that these textview use for those cursor.

My cursor is to include these fields "rowID", "name", "fee", "sdate", "desc".

When you're ready, use the Lv.setadapter (Madapter) method to bind.

The specific code files are given below:

Java code

Package com.cola.ui; 
Import java.util.ArrayList; 
Import Java.util.HashMap; 
Import java.util.List; 
Import Java.util.Map; 
Import Android.database.Cursor; 
Import Android.os.Bundle; 
Import Android.util.Log; 
Import android.view.KeyEvent; 
Import Android.view.View; 
Import Android.widget.AbsoluteLayout; 
Import Android.widget.EditText; 
Import Android.widget.GridView; 
Import Android.widget.LinearLayout; 
Import Android.widget.ListView; 
Import Android.widget.SimpleCursorAdapter; 
Import Android.widget.TextView; 
 public class Grid_bills extends activity {billdbhelper billdb; 
 View SV; 
 EditText edit; 
 Absolutelayout alayout; 
 int a=10,b=10; 
 GridView GRD; 
 TextView Total; 
 protected GridView listhands = null; 
 public void OnCreate (Bundle icicle) {super.oncreate (icicle); 
 Settitle ("colabox-Billing details (2 August-November)"); 
 Setcontentview (R.layout.grid_bills); 
 Billdb = new Billdbhelper (this); 
 Cursor Cur=billdb.getbills (); ListView lv= (ListView) Findviewbyid (; 
 String[] From=new string[] {"rowID", "name", "fee", "sdate", "desc"}; 
 Int[] To=new int[] {, R.ID.ITEM2,R.ID.ITEM3,R.ID.ITEM4,R.ID.ITEM5}; 
 Simplecursoradapter madapter=new simplecursoradapter (This,r.layout.grid_items, Cur,from, to); 
 Lv.setadapter (Madapter); 
 Getbillstotal total= (TextView) Findviewbyid (; 
 Total.settext (Billdb.getbillstotal ("2008-11")); 


xml/html Code

<?xml version= "1.0" encoding= "Utf-8"?> <scrollview xmlns:android= "" Android "android:orientation=" vertical "android:layout_height=" fill_parent "android:layout_width=" Fill_parent " > <linearlayout android:id= "@+id/linearlayout01" xmlns:android= "Http://" android:orientation= "vertical" android:layout_height= "fill_parent" android:layout_width= "Fill_parent" > < LinearLayout android:id= "@+id/layouthead" android:background= "#ffCded8b" android:layout_height= "Fill_parent" Android:layout_width= "Fill_parent" android:focusable= "true" android:clickable= "true" Android:focusableintouchmode 
 = "true" android:keepscreenon= "true" > <textview android:id= "@+id/item1" android:layout_height= "Fill_parent" Android:layout_width= "Wrap_content" android:width= "20dip"/> <textview android:id= "@+id/item2" android:layout _height= "Fill_parent" android:text= "accounts" android:textstyle= "bold" android:width="60dip" android:layout_width= "wrap_content"/>/> <textview android:id= "@+id/item3" android:text= "fee (yuan)" a Ndroid:textsize= "14dip" android:textstyle= "bold" android:width= "60dip" android:layout_width= "Wrap_content" Android : layout_height= "fill_parent"/> <textview android:id= "@+id/item4" android:layout_height= "Fill_parent" Android : text= "Date" android:textsize= "14dip" android:textstyle= "bold" android:width= "80dip" android:layout_width= "WRAP_" Content "/> <textview android:id=" @+id/item5 android:layout_height= "fill_parent" android:text= "Remarks" Andro Id:textsize= "14dip" android:textstyle= "bold" android:width= "100dip" android:layout_width= "wrap_content"/> </ linearlayout> <view android:layout_width= "fill_parent" android:layout_height= "1dip" android:background= "? Android:attr/listdivider "/> <linearlayout android:id= @+id/layout" android:layout_width= "Wrap_content" android:layout_height= "Fill_parent" android:minheight= "372dip" &GT <listview android:id= "@+id/listview" android:layout_height= "fill_parent" android:layout_width= "Fill_parent" ></ListView> </LinearLayout> <linearlayout android:id= "@+id/layoutfoot" android:layout_width= " Fill_parent "android:layout_height=" wrap_content "android:background=" #ffCded8b "> <textview android:id=" @+id /totalitem "android:layout_height=" fill_parent "android:text=" month Revenue: 2009.33 expenditure: 3000.87 subtotal: -1000.9 "Android:textstyle = "Bold" android:layout_width= "Fill_parent"/>/> </LinearLayout> </LinearLayout> </scrollvi 

This time I encountered a bit of trouble in SQLite's SQL, which is not yet fixed, is that I saved in the database of the cost is int type, divided into units. I took it out of the database as a select fee/100 from bills, but it was displayed with an integer value.

Do not know what the correct grammar should look like, I want to spell a character display should be OK, I tried the Select Fee/100| | ' From bills, so that you can output decimals on the ListView. But I found that the 999999.99/100 output was 1000000. I am in the adb shell query or 999999.99, when the ListView into a 1000000, I think it may be adapter inside the characters out of the GetString method.

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The above is about display billing details of the function to achieve, follow-up continue to add related functions, thank you for your support of this site!

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