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this morning to the office, as usual open the blog park to see the article, see there is a piece of article is used

See this buddy to achieve the method is very complex, is the configuration of the computer, but also the configuration of mobile phone, or transcoding what, Daoteng time not to say, but also very troublesome, here is how I use the mobile phone directly to play the files on the computer.

The reason to play the files on the computer, the main reason is that the video files are very large, high definition of a movie is about 1GB, for the mobile phone, although can be installed, but after reading it has to be deleted, can't be stored on the phone for a long time, back and forth to the mobile phone on the video file, on this file size, copy to , and storage time is not long, it is not cost-effective, so the simplest way is to directly use the phone to read the files on the computer disk, direct playback the most convenient.

Here is my method of operation, on the phone to install a file browser rootexplorer can:

The first prerequisite for a mobile phone to play a file on a computer is on the same LAN , and this reason does not explain

The folder where the computer video files are located is shared, as follows:

Folder Right-click = = "Property = =" shared tab = = "advanced share = =" Share name casually set one, and then permissions at least Read permission, I was to add a everyone user, set full access

This step for the program to share the folder is not difficult, I believe most people will.

Then: The Root Explorer file Browser is used on the phone, such as:

After opening as:

Software default only root,storage,box three tabs, add a network (SMB) tab to the video card

Click on the + icon below: After the click of the circle, pop up this page to select the NetWork (SMB) Tab

Then add the server, for example:

Server here to fill your computer LAN IP can

Then OK

Continue as follows:

123 Folder This is just the default display name

Go in. 123 This folder continues

Shared files are listed here, just click on a file to play:

Choose the player you can play on your phone, I usually use QQ AV

Where special instructions are needed:

    • Mobile phone and computer in the same LAN, reason does not explain
    • If you have access to the computer to share the file permissions, not set here please Baidu to
    • In theory, as long as the mobile phone player supports the media format can play, but there are some media files such as RMVB format, may not be set up in the phone associated program, Rootexplorer do not know that it is a media file, so click to select the Player

Finally, with another artifact can use mobile phone operation of the computer: hundred variable Remote control

Hundred variable remote control computer has only one service side, very small

, the memory is only more than 1MB, the default boot start minimized on the line, completely do not care about it

Mobile phone with a hundred-variable remote control software, through the LAN connection to the computer, you can achieve any mouse keyboard operation, run the interface

In the system settings can be directly operated computer shutdown ...

With the hundred variable remote control reason is very simple, after reading, always can not climb up to shut down the machine, is it.

OK, how about, very simple, if you think this way is good, please click on the lower right corner of the bar ^_^


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