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Tip: Use the Pea Folder Wizard software to the mobile phone data security threat, please use carefully.

Mode one: Use USB data cable to connect with computer:

In order to let the Pea Pod Cell Phone wizard correctly identify your mobile phone, you need to turn on the phone's USB debug switch, the following steps:
menu-Settings-application-check "unknown source"-click "Development"-check "USB Debug" and "Stay Awake"
After you have completed the above steps on your phone and turned on the USB debug switch, you can connect your phone to your computer via a USB cable, and by default, the Pea Pod Phone Wizard will automatically start and identify your phone's brand and model, click the "Connect" button, and the pea-Pod Phone Wizard will automatically match the installation drive for your Android phone, A little wait will connect to success! (Pea pods are currently included in most Android phone drives, if the driver is not successfully installed, please go to the mobile phone brand official website to download the installation.) )

Mode two, let the mobile phone and computer wireless connection!

When the cell phone data cable is not around, the use of Pea Pod Mobile phone wizard can also be wifi to allow mobile phones and computers connected to share data! The prerequisite is that the mobile phone needs to turn on the USB debugging switch and must open WiFi and the computer in the same LAN, connect the way is very simple, on the mobile phone to start the Pea pod daemon, click "Connect to the computer through WI On the computer to open the Pea Pod Phone wizard, in the "WiFi Wireless connection," Enter this verification code, click "Connect" can connect success! Wi-Fi access to the mobile phone to get rid of the shackles of data lines, but also to protect the phone's USB seal cover, in terms of functionality, in addition to screenshots, other than the use of USB connection is no different

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