Android pre-installed Google Apps or upgraded from 9 to 20 and Android 20

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Android pre-installed Google Apps or upgraded from 9 to 20 and Android 20

Summary: According to Google's new contract with OEMs, these OEMs may be preinstalled with 20 models on their new Android devices.GoogleYour own applications. Of course, these pre-installed applications cannot be detached, that is, they occupy some space on these devices. For users, this is clearly the Overlord clause, and violates Google's enterprise tenet of "never do evil.

According to a new report obtained by The Information: "in The new Google contract, OEMs are being forced to pre-install more applications on Android devices, this involves OEM manufacturers such as LG, Samsung, HTC, and Huawei.Android devices are pre-installed with up to 20 Google applications (currently 9)."

Earlier this year, Google expressed its vision of reducing Android fragmentation, which led OEM manufacturers to launch new devices equipped with the latest Android system, then Google's own applications must be used.

Of course, these applications cannot all be on the home screen, So Google generously allows most of them to be stored in the Google folder. In addition, OEMs must make Google search more accessible on the home screen.

Among them, Google's powerful search applications certainly cannot allow similar applications (not to pre-install services of Yahoo, Bing, Baidu and other competitors at the same time). If so, what are the differences between Android and iOS.

When Google first announced the open-source Android, it had already separated the concept of Android from Google, now, the management of Android is as strict as that of my daughter. This is obviously "evil". The developer and Android are already in harmony. As the saying goes, "We will not destroy a wedding because ten temples will not be destroyed." It is also intended to make people have a good life.

How to download Google's official Android Market applications?

Google's electronic market has many unique software games, which I like very much.
If you want to download the app, your mobile phone must have the sync function of your Google account. Then, log on to your mobile phone and connect your mobile phone to your mobile phone. Then, you can download the app on your mobile phone or on your computer.

How does the android system make money for Google?

If a mobile phone is not pre-installed with a security system, it will pay a certain fee to Google. These software attract the purchasing power of customers, so Google can make money.

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