Android Remote Desktop assistant and android desktop Assistant

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Android Remote Desktop assistant and android desktop Assistant

A long time ago, I worked as "WinCE Remote Desktop assistant" and played a major role when there was no screen or when I was debugging the LCD driver. Daily development was also necessary. Later, it was used by netizens to solve some difficult problems. For example, if you cannot enter the boot password, you can use this tool to remotely enter the password. If the touch screen is broken, you can also perform remote operations. Later, we developed Android and planned to port the tool to Android. It's just that the permissions of Android are quite troublesome. There are also great problems with the adaptation and compatibility of various versions, and the porting effect is not good. Later, I gradually used Total Control and Vysor. I felt that Vysor was enough and I gave up my plans.

Recently, the project has a need for screen casting, So we further studied the principles of Vysor and minicap (STF. Among them, Vysor breaks the Android permission issue. For details, see vysor principle and Android same screen solution. The compatibility and smoothness of minicap are very good. Coincidentally, its basic framework is very similar to that of WinCE Remote Desktop assistant. Therefore, it is easy to graft the "WinCE Remote Desktop assistant" to minicap and create a minicap assistant to facilitate the use of minicap on Windows. The effect is good. However, since minicap needs to be restarted during screen rotation, the experience is not very good. In addition, remote operations also depend on minitouch, which is also uncomfortable. As a result, the idea of being an Android Remote Desktop assistant emerged. Although Vysor is cracked, it is quite easy to use, but it still does not feel very good. In addition, it is also worried that the subsequent version of Vysor will fail to crack the method. It is better to make it easy, and some functions can be extended to facilitate Android development and debugging.

As a result, the minicap assistant was further modified to become an Android Remote Desktop assistant. Run adrhost.exe directly under the normal working conditions of adb. it automatically detects the Android device, installs the apk, establishes a connection, and displays the Android image. The procedure is as follows.


The biggest problem in Android software development is version compatibility. Currently, only several mobile phones have been tested, including Nexus6P + Android O, Pixel XL + Android N, weip9 + Android N.



Compared with Vysor, Android Remote Desktop assistant provides clearer screen display, supports pure screen display without menus, and provides better screen Rotation Processing, but its compatibility and frame speed are inferior to Vysor, however, you can optimize it later. The window on the right is still very large, and it also takes time to fill up. Currently, Android Remote Desktop assistant provides the following features:

Dependent on adb, no need for root, clear and adjustable screen display, support automatic saving, support Ctrl + C copy screen to clipboard, screen display can be scaled to full screen, you can drag a file to the/sdcard/Download directory. You can run Ctrl + to drag the APK to directly install the apk. You can right-click the Home Key and simulate the Power key. The scroll wheel and keyboard input are supported, the Alt + D display device information window allows you to quickly restart, enter fastboot, and clear logcat.

Remote Desktop ASSISTANT:

Special thanks:

Koush/vysor. io libjpeg-turbo minicap (STF)

Android screen sharing and remote control principle vysor principle and Android same screen Solution

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