Android Sqlite Read Data 99999.99 becomes 100000.00, appears scientific counting method

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Problem Description:

the 99999.99 is credited to the SQLite database, and the type is decimal (6,3). change to 100000.00 by Cursor.getstring ()

and storage of billions of bits of data: cursor.getstring () will be abnormal, or directly converted to scientific notation


1. Read for SQLite data type (even if SQLite is untyped), the decimal type is cursor.getdouble ().

2. Do not set the type to SQLite, all with text. about how to change the structure of the SQLite table, column properties can see my next article

Cause of Error:

I guess the Android API can be optimized for database access! It is said that the SQLite database is stored according to string, it can only be optimized Android API! Specifically, I don't know.


SQLite no type difference, official online said is manifest type, inmanifest typing, the datatype is a property of the value itself, not of the column I n which the value is stored. you so avoid trouble all use text!

The length of the consideration is also superfluous, the official website says it is stored by the length of the stored data, rather than the length of the statement when the table is built:SQLite, in contrast, with the amount of disk space actually needed to stor E The information in a row. If you store a single character in a VARCHAR (+) column, then only a single byte of disk space is consumed.

Android Sqlite Read Data 99999.99 becomes 100000.00, appears scientific counting method

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