Android TextView Marquee Effect

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TextView Simple Effect
<!--Simple example-<TextView Android:text="@string/longword"Android:layout_width="wrap_content"Android:layout_height="wrap_content"Android:id="@+id/textview1"android:ellipsize="Marquee"Android:singleline="true"android:focusable="true"Android:focusableintouchmode="true"/>

TextView a few of the common properties of the marquee effect, of which ellipsize, Singleline, focusable, Focusableintouchmode are required, and other optional

<!--active Focus--android:focusable="true"<!--single-line display-Android:singleline="true"<!--This is set to scroll beyond the text after the display-android:ellipsize="Marquee"<!--This is set to scroll several times, here is an infinite loop--Android:marqueerepeatlimit="Marquee_forever"<!--touchmode mode focus activated--Android:focusableintouchmode="true"< whether there is a horizontal scroll bar when the!--is out of horizontalandroid:scrollhorizontally="true"

Here is a textview the effect seems to be OK, but the layout of the page is generally very complex, sometimes a page may have more than a marquee effect, here if we put two or more textview, then the effect of the marquee?

Here we will write a textview look at the effect, from which we can see that two of the same textview, found that the first one is the effect of the lantern, and the second is not, what is the situation?

Through the almighty Baidu, we learned that TextView default is the first to get the cursor, and the back TextView is not get to the cursor, and the marquee effect is needed to get to the cursor, here we know why, then to expand the TextView, let all the

TextView gets to the cursor.

TextView Extended Marquee effect

1, the first to build a MarqueeText Java class, and this class inherits TextView

2. MarqueeText implements three constructors for TextView, and overloads the Isfoused () method

/*** Created by Darren on 2015/2/23. * Set all the TextView have a marquee effect*/ Public classMarqueeTextextendsTextView { PublicMarqueeText (Context context) {Super(context); }     PublicMarqueeText (Context context, AttributeSet attrs) {Super(context, attrs); }     PublicMarqueeText (context context, AttributeSet attrs,intdefstyleattr) {        Super(context, attrs, defstyleattr); }    //The textview default setting is the first cursor that gets to the//If you want all the TextView to have a marquee effect, let all the TextView get to the cursor.//This return true is to get all the TextView to the cursor@Override Public BooleanisFocused () {return true; }}
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3, in the design page we changed the TextView to MarqueeText

<TextView Android:text= "@string/longword"Android:layout_width= "Wrap_content"Android:layout_height= "Wrap_content"Android:id= "@+id/textview1"android:ellipsize= "Marquee"Android:singleline= "true"android:focusable= "true"Android:focusableintouchmode= "true"/> <Sh.geeko.marqueetext.marqueeText android:layout_width= "Match_parent"Android:layout_height= "Wrap_content"Android:id= "@+id/textview2"Android:text= "@string/longword"Android:layout_below= "@id/textview1"Android:layout_margintop= "20DP"android:ellipsize= "Marquee"Android:singleline= "true"android:focusable= "true"Android:focusableintouchmode= "true"/>
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Here we look at the specific implementation effect:

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Android TextView Marquee Effect

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