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In Android, WebView is a control used to load HTTP and HTTPS Web pages to local applications. By default, the Loadurl (String URL) method allows you to successfully load pages such as However, when the HTTPS page with the SSL layer is load, such as, if the site's security certificate is not authenticated on Android, WebView becomes a blank page, It doesn't jump out of a risk box like a PC browser. Therefore, we must deal with this situation.

Android has two classes to deal with

Copy Code code as follows:

Import Android.webkit.SslErrorHandler;

The specific usage is as follows:

Copy Code code as follows:

WebView WV = (webview) Findviewbyid (;
Wv.setwebviewclient (New Webviewclient () {
public void Onreceivedsslerror (WebView view, Sslerrorhandler handler, sslerror error) {
Handler.cancel (); Default processing, webview into blank pages
Handler.process (); Accept Certificate
Handlemessage (msg); Other processing

If you simply accept all the certificates, then you can directly adjust the process () method.

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