Android WIFI operation

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Code Packagecom.wifitest;Importjava.util.List;ImportAndroid.content.Context;;;;;; Public classWifimanageclass {PrivateWifimanager Wifimanager;//declaring Management Objects    PrivateWifiinfo Wifiinfo;//WiFi Information    PrivateList<scanresult> scanresultlist;//List of scanned network Connections    PrivateList<wificonfiguration> wificonfiglist;//Network Configuration list    PrivateWifilock Wifilock;//WiFi Lock     PublicWifimanageclass (Context context) { This. Wifimanager =(Wifimanager) context. Getsystemservice (context.wifi_service);//Get WiFi service//Get WiFi Info         This. Wifiinfo = Wifimanager.getconnectioninfo ();//Get connection Information    }         Public BooleanGetwifistatus () {returnwifimanager.iswifienabled (); }    //turn WiFi on/off     Public BooleanOpenwifi () {if(!wifimanager.iswifienabled ()) {            returnWifimanager.setwifienabled (true); } Else {            return false; }    }     Public BooleanClosewifi () {if(!wifimanager.iswifienabled ()) {            return true; } Else {            returnWifimanager.setwifienabled (false); }    }    //lock/unlock WiFi//in fact, lock WiFi is to determine whether WiFi is established success, here is the use of held, handshake meaning acquire get!      Public voidLockwifi () {wifilock.acquire (); }     Public voidUnlockwifi () {if(!Wifilock.isheld ()) {wifilock.release ();//Freeing Resources        }    }    //I was writing in the constructor, but considering not always using the WiFi lock, so simply build a method! Call when needed, build on OK     Public voidCreatewifilock () {Wifilock= Wifimanager.createwifilock ("FlyFly");//Create a flag for a lock    }    //Scan Network     Public voidStartscan () {Wifimanager.startscan (); Scanresultlist= Wifimanager.getscanresults ();//Scan returns list of resultswificonfiglist= Wifimanager.getconfigurednetworks ();//Scan Configuration List    }     PublicList<scanresult>getwifilist () {returnscanresultlist; }     PublicList<wificonfiguration>getwificonfiglist () {returnwificonfiglist; }    //Get scan list     PublicStringBuilder Lookupscan () {StringBuilder Scanbuilder=NewStringBuilder ();  for(inti = 0; I < scanresultlist.size (); i++) {scanbuilder.append ("No.:" + (i + 1));  Scanbuilder.append (Scanresultlist.get (i). toString ()); //All informationScanbuilder.append ("\ n"); }        returnScanbuilder; }    //gets the intensity of the specified signal     Public intGetlevel (intNetId) {        returnScanresultlist.get (NetId). level; }    //get the native MAC address     PublicString Getmac () {return(Wifiinfo = =NULL) ? "": Wifiinfo.getmacaddress (); }     PublicString Getbssid () {return(Wifiinfo = =NULL) ?NULL: Wifiinfo.getbssid (); }     PublicString Getssid () {return(Wifiinfo = =NULL) ?NULL: Wifiinfo.getssid (); }    //returns the ID of the network that is currently connected     Public intGetcurrentnetid () {return(Wifiinfo = =NULL) ?NULL: Wifiinfo.getnetworkid (); }    //Return all information     PublicString Getwifiinfo () {return(Wifiinfo = =NULL) ?NULL: Wifiinfo.tostring (); }    //Get IP Address     Public intGetIP () {return(Wifiinfo = =NULL) ?NULL: Wifiinfo.getipaddress (); }    //Add a connection     Public Booleanaddnetwordlink (wificonfiguration config) {intNetId =wifimanager.addnetwork (config); returnWifimanager.enablenetwork (NetId,true); }    //Disable a link     Public BooleanDisablenetwordlick (intNetId)        {wifimanager.disablenetwork (NetId); returnWifimanager.disconnect (); }    //Remove a link     Public BooleanRemovenetworklink (intNetId) {        returnwifimanager.removenetwork (NetId); }    //do not display SSID     Public voidHiddenssid (intNetId) {Wificonfiglist.get (NetId). Hiddenssid=true; }    //Show SSID     Public voidDisplayssid (intNetId) {Wificonfiglist.get (NetId). Hiddenssid=false; }    }

Android WIFI operation

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