Android-x86 entry-source code download and compilation

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Before several articles mentioned in Android-x86, here is a simple introduction to the source code download method and the compilation process of Android-x86.

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The basis for reading this article is that you have experience in downloading Android source code and compiling process. If not, please go to Baidu.

  1. Install repo (used to update android-x86 source code)
    Create ~ /Bin directory, used to store the repo program, as follows:
    $ Cd ~
    $ Mkdir Bin
    Download the repo script and make it executable:
    $ Curl> ~ /Bin/Repo
    $ Chmod A + x ~ /Bin/Repo
  2. Download the android-x86 source code
     $ mkdir android-x86 $ cd android-x86 $ repo init -u git:// $ repo sync

    The next step is a long wait.

I 'd like to remind you not to write the latest code. I tried it and found that good things need to be modified before they can be compiled.-B, next 2.2.
After the download is complete, you can start compiling.

There is no difference between the compiling environment of android-x86 and the compiling environment of General Android. I will not go into details about the compilation environment of Baidu.

Since the android-x86 can be loaded on the computer, so can be directly compiled into an ISO image, the compilation command for make iso_img-J4, this 4 represents the number of processes.

After compilation, an image file named generic-x86 is generated under the out/target/product/generic-x86.iso/directory, which can be used directly as a boot disk, or you can make a USB flash drive.

Android runs on a computer!

Well, there is a tip I forgot to mention. Repo sync can also be performed by multiple jobs. That is to say, you can use repo sync-J4 (4 indicates the number of jobs) to accelerate download.

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