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Angular JS Custom Instructions

Defining an instruction is essentially adding functionality in HTML through elements, attributes, classes, or annotations,

Mainmodel.directive ("Mydirective", function () {return
        restrict: "A",
        Template: ' <p>cao</p> '
So you can use <myDirective> this directly.

Accept the two parameter name string, the name of the instruction factory_name the function instruction

Restrict this option defaults to a in fact, there are several optional

Element e attribute a class (C) Note (M)

Priority is the default priority of 0

Template at least the output point of the template is optional

Output is <my-directive><p>cao</p></when replace is true <p>value</p> when false My-directive>

Transclude default to False translation for embedding Ng-translude

See the website in detail


The next function in node is primarily responsible for handing control over to the next middleware, if the current middleware does not have an end request, and next is not

Call, the request will be suspended, and the middleware defined behind it will not have the opportunity to execute.

Please see this article in detail Http://

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