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Please do not rush to post, and discuss how to maintain this blog first. What kind of rules and codes do we need, how do we divide columns, and so on. I hope that the catagories should be divided as reasonably as possible, so we will divide so many columns for the time being. After discussion, we will add more columns.

My current idea is to add at least one reference version, specifically repost the technical materials related to this project, and discuss these technologies themselves, such as how to cross the firewall, and so on. Of course, there should also be buglist, sourcecode, and so on. These can be referred to sf.net, but it does not seem to be available yet. Another topic that I think needs to be added is the overall plan for negotiating some general things. For example, what steeven wants to do C & C is different from what I want to do, you can't do what you do, can you? What kind of good is license? It is a headache. Originally, I wanted every participant to have a topic for self-summarization. However, there would be a lot of questions if I thought about it later, I think it's better to add a "game" topic on my own blog.

In addition, do you need to set some formats? For example, there is a [announcement] in front of the post title, or do you need any version information? We will discuss all the participants.

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