Annoyed Flash plugin Ie/chrome/firefox/opera etc How to set click play?

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Before, Adobe Emergency Repair flash Player, repair the old version of the 0 vulnerability. This flash plugin, which has annoyed countless win7/win8.1 users, has caused countless browsers to crash or reduce security. For this "inseparable" flash plug-in, how can we reduce the number of crashes in the browser, reduce resource consumption? Ie/chrome and other browsers how to set up? The following small series for everyone to introduce a detailed, encounter such a problem friend can refer to Oh!

At this time, we enable the mainstream browser click play "click" (click-to play) function. By turning on the "Click to Play" feature, users can save network bandwidth, speed up Web page loading, reduce CPU footprint and even help extend laptop endurance.

So how do we set up the mainstream browser? Script of the small series also arranges IE browser, Chrome, Firefox firefox, Opera Four browser operation steps, specific reference is as follows--

First, IE9/IE10/IE11 article:

1, open IE Browser, select the upper right corner settings button, open the management add-in;

2, select the toolbar and expansion, right click on the Flash plug-in, select the details, refer to the following figure;

3, in the Flash plug-in page, select the lower left corner of the "Delete all Sites", you can enable IE click play function.

Second, the Chrome article

1, open the Chrome browser, select the top right corner of the Panel button, select Settings;

2, check the chrome advanced settings, switch to privacy settings, open content settings;

3, in the Content Settings page, check the plug-in column "Click to Run", you can enable the function of chrome click Play.

Third, Firefox Firefox chapter

Firefox starts with 29 and automatically adds the Flash plugin to the click Play White list. This also means that Firefox will automatically load Flash content when a user accesses a Web page. However, thanks to the hard-working developers, we just need a flashblock expansion, you can add to the Firefox click Play function.

Flashblock Extended Download: Click here to visit.

Four, opera article

Opera's setup is also the simplest. Open Opera settings, select the left side of the site column, the plugin set to click after playback, you can achieve the above functions.

The above is ie/chrome and other browsers how to set up a click to play the introduction, I hope to help you!

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