Another day on the mineral water network: Thinking about the freedom of online media

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In the past few nights, I have been able to hear the sound of firecrackers from a distance. When the Spring Festival is approaching, many of my friends have returned to their hometown a year ago. For me in Beijing, I have almost never had to wait in the queue for a return ticket.

I spent the past two days surfing the Internet with a bottle of mineral water. In fact, from a certain perspective, I like to keep a person in a small room. I like the evening of the fifth day of the week, because at this time, I can always leave all my troubles behind and arrange my own time without disturbing me.

This kind of personality seems to be incompatible with my online editing work. Especially in the Internet era driven by communication and interaction. In fact, the network is changing so fast. It seems that it is too narrow to understand Internet media with traditional media ideas. The definition of new media in Wired magazine in the United States: "the spread of all people". This reminds me of P2P technology. Anyone who participates in the network can choose to obtain and contribute resources. people no longer need to care where to obtain resources, you only need to care about the resources you need.

Two days ago, it was said that Baidu had obtained a news license and began to try to own its own link to news content, and even more news was coming from recruitment editors. However, according to the media definition theory, Baidu can only be said to be out of commercial interests. In terms of media models, it is actually a kind of regression.

As an online editor, I naturally care about the future development of my career. Will the media be completely transformed into a service platform that meets people's needs? If that is the case, the current network editing will become a man-in-the-middle without special value and be eliminated. However, from another perspective, the content is completely decentralized, the excessive freedom of information publishing, what is the truth, and what are the criteria for judging right and wrong?

In fact, it seems that we can use the core philosophy to find the answer. Absolute freedom may exist theoretically. However, because society is composed of people, freedom is not only a matter of individuals, but also a degree of mutual definition between various subjects in society, therefore, some people think that personal freedom is subject to the same freedom of others. In turn, some people think that freedom is related to responsibility, and related freedom should be negatively related to responsibility.


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