Another step toward OpenGL [3]: OpenGL displaylist, which must be exceeded

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OpenGL displaylist is something to learn about OpenGL. However, compared with VBO, we cannot modify data, which makes it possible to use it to process static objects. If we want to support dynamic objects, we will be overwhelmed.


Display list is one of the fastest methods to draw static data because vertex data and OpenGL commands are cached in the display list and minimize data transmissions from the client to the server side. it means that it uses ces cpu cycles to perform the actual data transfer.


Unfortunately, like glbegin/glend, it is not included in OpenGL ES.


OpenGL ES Specification 1.0

5.4 display lists
Display lists are not supported. display lists are used by using applications-sometimes to achieve better performance and sometimes for convenience. the implementation complexity associated with display lists is too large for the implementation targets envisioned for this profile.

Therefore, displaylist may have to be surpassed. After all, the support for OpenGL ES is a question that developers have to think about.

The basic process of creating and referencing displaylist is as follows:

// create one display list
GLuint index = glGenLists(1);

// compile the display list, store a triangle in it
glNewList(index, GL_COMPILE);

// draw the display list

// delete it if it is not used any more
glDeleteLists(index, 1);



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