Answer the user, how to monitor the database

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Is that handsome?

East 14:29:25

Ask a question,

East 14:30:56

I have two monitoring items in the monitoring server, Pmp-check-mysql-innodb


What is this script monitoring? I know I'm asking you, you don't see the script and you don't know what to monitor.

East 14:31:22

This script is downloaded online, monitoring MySQL specific what things, I'm a little confused

Yesterday, I had a dream 16:31:11

Command[check_mysql_processlist]=/usr/local/nagios/libexec/ root-p 123456-h -P 13267-s 60-w 20-c 50

Command[check_mysql_connections]=/usr/local/nagios/libexec/check_mysql_connections-w 10-c 20-u root-p 1234

I haven't read the source, so I'm not sure. I'm too lazy to look at Nagios official website. My general practice is that it comes with scripts that I also use.

But the main is to write their own shell.

Judging slave_io_running

Slave_sql_running Two + Yes

Seconds_behind_master is equal to 0

Laster_io_error Master-Slave error content

Here say one more mouth, aster_io_error. You can skip the operation based on the error number.

Stop slave; Set global Seq_slave_skip_counter=1;start slave;

Look at you. The database on the line uses asynchronous synchronization and is monitored according to the actual situation.

Of course, all I said was very chicken.

Again a professional approach, I usually do, but I do, you have to tell the leadership, explain the situation, so dry will have a small impact on performance

Insert content in the main library and take the content to the main cubby pair. If the comparison succeeds. Indicates that the master-slave synchronization is normal

Then according to what I said above, to determine whether the user access to the database is normal, is the same way, it is important to think, analog users to visit. On the web, insert a message, go to the database comparison, then determine whether the user access is normal.

Above from the professional point of view, answer your question, how to monitor the database!

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Answer the user, how to monitor the database

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