Anti-Virus is actually very simple-Summary of a college student's three years of non-toxic experience

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I am a college student. In my spare time, I like to study computer knowledge, especially computer security knowledge. I am also a soft trial mad, I always love to try out the latest anti-virus software and security protection software. When a security software is updated, I will try it out immediately. I often see that some people suffer from computer poisoning, and I often help them (most of them) repair and maintain their computers. In my opinion, maintaining computer security is very simple. I have been using a computer for three years, once, the system was not reinstalled due to viruses (of course, there are other minor problems ). Okay, I don't need to talk about it anymore. Let's talk about my anti-virus experience over the past few years ......

First, click the question, anti-virus is better than anti-virus. Computer Anti-Virus is actually very simple, but the anti-virus after poisoning is complicated, and it is often accompanied by the consequences of restructuring the system, the destruction of files. Therefore, maintaining computer security focuses on the word "defense.

Anti-Virus Software

I want to emphasize that anti-virus software is essential for installation. Although streaking is very popular among many people, we all know that after anti-virus software is installed, the computer will become a point card (some are quite cards). However, instead of letting your machine run naked, reinstalling the system and losing the QQ number of the online banking account of the game account after risking the virus and poisoning, why not add a security protection for your machine first?

Anti-virus software is also popular for free now. There are actually a lot of free anti-virus software, such as 360 anti-virus, super patrol, and avast! Little red umbrella ...... Rising, Jiangmin, Kingsoft, Kabbah and other big-name antivirus software have also provided a long trial period. However, I think the free anti-virus software is not as good as the anti-virus software generated by large manufacturers in terms of anti-virus software, but the big-name anti-virus software will have to pay for it after the trial period ...... If you think so, you will be out of date! In this age, do I still need to pay for it? Baidu, Google, which anti-virus software activation code serial number does not search a lot? Which anti-virus software is not cracked? I have been using paid anti-virus software for free for three years. Of course, if you have the financial strength, I recommend you purchase genuine anti-virus software. It is not easy for others to kill software ......

Speaking of anti-virus software, I also have some opinions on the anti-virus software I have used.

Kaspersky: I have been using anti-virus software. It is also my favorite, from 6.0 to 2009 ...... I believe everyone knows about it, and its anti-virus capabilities are quite powerful. It is with its protection that my computer can safely run to the present ...... Kabbah occupies a lot of resources during scanning, and the host is very slow. However, in static mode, it does not occupy much resources even if all monitoring functions are enabled!

Rising Star: the leader in the Chinese anti-virus industry, which has greatly improved its technology over the past few years, especially after the latest introduction of cloud security, anti-virus is very good.

NOD32, users with low computer configuration can also run NOD32 smoothly ......

Kingsoft drug overlord: cloud security has been introduced, and it is claimed that the detection and removal capabilities have increased by 100 times, but the test results are not as good as we expected.

Micro point: active defense impressed me.

Of course other netizens also good views, such as:

Anti-Virus Firewall

Firewall is different from anti-virus software. It is also important to install a suitable firewall for your computer! Currently, most anti-virus software has a version with a wall. I think that as long as you do not frequently access some unclean websites or your computer plays this important role in the network environment, the built-in walls of anti-virus software are enough. I used the free firewall provided by Tianwang before. It has always been the built-in firewall of Kaspersky 2009. Of course, if you have a high computer configuration or need to install a firewall, it will certainly make your computer more secure!

Anti-Virus security auxiliary software

Nowadays, a good security auxiliary software has gradually become a necessary software for people to install. Security-Assisted Software can assist anti-virus software to ensure computer security. Security auxiliary software generally provides functions such as trojan detection and removal (blocking web Trojans), plug-ins removal, system patching, and system spam cleaning. Currently, many popular security auxiliary software are available, 360 security guard, rising Kaka, malware cleanup assistant, hacker security expert, super patrol ...... For the choice of Security Assistance software, I am wise and wise. Next I will share my feelings and opinions on the Security Assistance software I have used:

360 security guard: the user base is quite large and I love it most. What I like most is that it removes the malicious evaluation plug-in and patches the system. It intercepts malicious plug-ins and reminds users to scan system vulnerabilities and download and install them quickly. (Related evaluation:

Rising Kaka: I have tried it, and the overall feeling is similar to that of 360, but it seems to be more than 360 in terms of resource usage.

Malware cleanup ASSISTANT: It scans and cleans malware and Trojans at a very high speed, and cleans them completely. It performs quite well, and it is still green ...... (Related evaluation:

Super patrol: it is more like an anti-virus software. Its ability to intercept webpage Trojans is outstanding, and its performance in anti-virus and other aspects is average. (Related evaluation: html ">, super patrol cloud detection and removal:

Anti-Virus security knowledge

Security knowledge is a common topic ......

Patch the system. System patches must be installed. I have seen some people say that after the patches are installed, there will be some inexplicable computer problems. It is said that patching is not good, but it is actually not like this ...... Nowadays, most viruses, especially Trojans, are spread by system vulnerabilities, so the trojan cannot be spread by making up the vulnerability. Therefore, system patching has only the advantages and disadvantages. I learned how to install a genuine rising computer. Why is my computer always poisoned? When I read his computer, I was shocked. The system has more than 50 vulnerabilities ...... It's strange that there are so many vulnerabilities that are not poisoned!

Do not access spam websites. What kind of website is spam? I personally think: unhealthy websites, websites sent by others on QQ ...... Such websites are basically infected with viruses! One of my friends saw someone sending a website on QQ and opened it without hesitation. As a result, an animated girl made some charming actions and then crashed and the computer restarted automatically, endless loops ...... As a result, the QQ number is lost ......

Do not open unknown files or folders. Uncertain files (folders) include files or folders sent to you by others and downloaded from the Internet. Before opening them, you must first scan them with anti-virus software, especially compressed files and executable files. They are easy to carry viruses!

Download the software to a regular website. Skysky, huajun, yufan, green software alliance ...... The software we use can be found on these websites.

What I mentioned above is only the most basic. In fact, there are still many common security knowledge. You can summarize it yourself when using your computer.


Anti-Virus Software + Firewall (soft anti-virus software is enough) + security auxiliary software + Good computer usage habits. This is my computer's 3 years of non-toxic experience. It's easy, I believe everyone can do it! As long as you have a good awareness of computer security, don't say 3 years, it is possible that you will not be poisoned in 300!

Well, write it here. I hope to communicate with you and learn and make progress together!

Finally, I wish you all new and old birds a machine that will never be toxic!


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