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Apache + MySQL + PHP5 + Drupal + MediaWiki -- Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. For details, see the following. We have prepared to build drupal since yesterday afternoon. We have to build apache + PHP + MySQL first.
Based on various dependencies in BLFS, I compile them one by one
Apache: normal
PHP: I downloaded PHP5, And the libxml file is disable in the blfs book. I didn't see the following description at first. Please press ctrl + c to drop it,
Remove disable libxml because I have installed the libxml2 library,
Configure httpd. conf of apache according to the book. About LoadModule, I only need to add AddType.
MySQL: I installed Berkeley DB before, And I removed disable readline in MySQL preparation because I installed my own
Others are installed according to the book. The created database username is root and the password is mysql.
This is drupal.
Drupal: decompress and view help and online documents
1, mv drupal-4.6.3/* drupal-4.6.3/. htaccess/var/www/localhost/htdocs/directly copy to/srv/www/htdocs,
2. Create a Drupal database using mysqladmin-u root-p creat drupal_db
3. mysql-u root-p drupal_db 4. Change $ db_usr and $ base_url in vi sites/default/settings. php to "root" for the user name and password,
Now it should have been configured. I have set up the virtual machine and my windows network. I didn't set the network in the previous two days. It turns out that I switched the system to overwrite the settings, remove the firewall in vnet1.
5. Open http: // and the Apache authentication interface is displayed. It indicates that Apache is working normally, but it does not see the so-called Drupal, depressing
6. for analysis, compare the initial directory of Drupal and move all the files in the original htdocs to the index DIRECTORY. This is the only Drupal file left in htdocs,
Open it, just like browsing the resource manager, and then modify/etc/apache/httpd. conf, add index. php after DirectoryIndex,
I tried http: // php. Well, the system prompts that my PHP does not support MySQL.
7. Baidu and google. PHP5 does not support MySQL by default. recompile PHP and add -- with-mysql.
8. The Drupal page is displayed.
The page prompts me to do the following in sequence:
1. Create the first user. This is the administrator user.
2. log on to and access the administration section so that you can customize and configure all aspects of my website
3. access module list
4. Access themes section
5. You can create content.
However, the first step was not smooth. I set up a drupal user and email address, but I didn't have a password. I said my password was sent to my email address. I should have the password sending function, I did not open my mailbox either.
Shell: mysql-u root-p drupal_db
Select * from users; Check that drupal does exist. uid = 1, name = drupal, pass = a string of numbers. I try to copy this string as a password, prompt to say I forgot my password, dizzy
Truncate users; delete all rows in the table
Insert into users (uid, name, pass) value ("1", "drupal", "drupal ");
Select * from users; already exists, but I still cannot log in the browser. It is depressing to say that the user is not activated or blocked.
I thought about it on the table just now. No, the pass field in the database must have been encrypted, so it should be through md5, so
Update users set pass = md5 ("drupal") where uid = "1"; OK. check whether it is the md5 length.
Login, YE, succeeded .. Haha

From region,
Log on to drupal and check "administrater-> modules-> locale" first. localization will appear under "administrater". Select "import" to import the Chinese package, save the configuration, and set "simplified Chinese" to "default, chinese
Email sending settings:
Ssmtp Installation failed

Download the source code, with the latest 1. 7. 1 version, Baidu and google related knowledge and learning Installation Process
1, cd/sources; tar xvf/media/.../mediawiki.1.7.1.tar.bz2
2, mv-v mediawiki-1.7.1/srv/www/htdocs/
3, cd/srv/www/htdocs
4, music mediawiki-1.7.1 mwiki
In the host browser, http: // localhost/mwiki/config/index. php prompts me That the config subdirectory has no write permission. We recommend that you set the permission first. After the installation is complete, set the LocalSettings. php copies data to the parent directory. To ensure security, you can delete the config directory completely.
5, cd mwiki; chmod a + w config
6. Continue and check the environment as follows:
Checking environment...
Please include all of the lines below when reporting installation problems.
PHP 5.0.4 installed
Found database drivers for: MySQL
PHP server API is apache2handler; OK, using pretty URLs (index. php/Page_Title)
Have XML/Latin1-UTF-8 conversion support.
PHP is configured with no memory_limit.
Have zlib support; enabling output compression.
Neither Turck MMCache nor eAccelerator nor APC are installed, can't use object caching functions
Found GNU diff3:/usr/bin/diff3.
Couldn't find GD library or ImageMagick; image thumbnailing disabled.
Installation directory:/srv/www/htdocs/mwiki
Script URI path:/mwiki
Environment checked. You can install MediaWiki.
No GD library or ImageMagick installed, no APC or eAccelerator installed, Etc .. I decided to install ImageMagick first, and Turck MMCache
ImageMagick is installed according to BLFS book. I downloaded Turck MMCache4.6 and didn't seem to mention PHP4 in the latest README version. I decided to download the latest version. On sourceforge, I found it was the latest and depressing, forget it.
After the check, ImageMagick is detected, and relevant information is filled in, the system is installed, and LocalSettings. php is admitted to mwiki. The properties of the config directory are changed and http: // localhost/mwiki is accessed successfully.
Login, username and password: mediawiki @ mediawiki
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