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What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer): is a secure protocol for HTTP transmissions that ensures that data between the client and the Web server is secure through certificate authentication. Open SSL Download Address: http://www.openssl.org/source/

First, download and install Apache that supports SSL

1. Install Apache with SSL module,

Download Address Http://httpd.apache.org/download.cgi#apache23

Annex provides Httpd-2.2.15-win32-x86-openssl-0.9.8m-r2.msi

2. Configuration: Open the Apache configuration file conf/httpd.conf

LoadModule Ssl_module modules/mod_ssl.so

Include conf/extra/httpd-ssl.conf

Remove the # in front of two lines, and customize the configuration file. conf can also be included in by include.

Modify the two fields in the httpd-ssl.conf (or custom *-ssl.conf) file:

Sslcertificatefile "D:/APACHE2.2/CONF/SERVER.CRT"

Sslcertificatekeyfile "D:/apache2.2/conf/server.key"

Generate certificate and private key file for Web server

1. Generate an RSA private key for the server Apache

OpenSSL genrsa-out Server.key 1024

Generated a 1024-byte file Server.key, generating certificate signing request CSR

2. Generate Signed Application

OpenSSL req-new–out Server.csr-key server.key-config. Confopenssl.cnf


Country Name: Two-letter country code

State or province name: province name

Locality name: City names

Organization Name: Company names

Organizational Unit name: Department names

Common Name: Your name

Email Address: addresses

The signature file SERVER.CSR is generated at this time.

Third, through the CA for the website server signing certificate

1.Generating RSA private key for CA (1024 bit) [Ca.key]

Generate CA private key

OpenSSL genrsa-out Ca.key 1024

More Ca.key files

2.Generating X.509 certificate signing request for CA [CA.CSR]

To generate a self-signed certificate for a CA using the CA's private key

OpenSSL req-new-x509-days 365-key ca.key-out ca.crt-config. Confopenssl.cnf

3.CA signing certificate for Web server

Create the Democa in the Bin directory, where the following files are created, index.txt,serial:serial content is 01, the other is empty, and the folder Newcert. To do it again, you can generate SERVER.CRT files

OpenSSL ca-in server.csr-out server.crt-cert ca.crt-keyfile ca.key-config. Confopenssl.cnf

Four, then copy the Server.crt,server.key to Apache folder, restart Apache.

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