Apache download installation (mostly 64-bit) and issues

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Reinstall the WIN10 system today and download and install Apache again. Although previously installed Apache (the original system is win7 64-bit), but also successfully run Apache server, but let me re-download the installation, there is really no slightest impression of the previous installation.

Here is the 64-bit Apache how to download the installation, because the official website to provide 32-bit Apache installation, we only need to download and install, the process is relatively simple, there are fewer problems, so we will not repeat this.

Here is a download installation process for 32-bit Apache: http://jingyan.baidu.com/album/2f9b480dae458f41cb6cc2ce.html?picindex=2

Back to the Chase (based on a Windows 64-bit system):

(1) First download Apache from official website http://httpd.apache.org (in the following I will also attach the previously downloaded Apache file httpd-2.4.16-win64-vc14.zip for direct download)

Click on the navigation bar of the official website to find----->

Click "Files for Microsoft Windows".

The official website also provides some integrated development tools, such as XAMPP:

Of course we can download it as needed, so we don't have to talk about it any more.

Click "Apache Lounge" to enter the download

Click to download the. zip file,

After the download is complete, all we have to do is unzip the file to a custom directory, find the bin directory in Apache24, and open ApacheMonitor.exe, but ApacheMonitor.exe may still not run, prompting for missing files.

To this step is to get Apache download complete.

(2) Troubleshooting tips missing file issues:

The hint on my side is the missing Vcruntime140.dll file, and I think the solution is much the same no matter what the missing file is. Here we need to download the corresponding VC library (depending on the Apache version), and previously in the download page has been prompted by the website we should download the corresponding version of the VC library, and provided.

Click on VC redist x64/86.exe to enter Microsoft Official website to download:

Select the appropriate system bit version to download (here we choose x64), the download is successful after the installation (in the following I will also attach the previous I downloaded the file for download).

(3) Open ApacheMonitor.exe again, open successfully, but cannot run Apache service. This is because the downloaded Apache is extracted directly, the configuration is still the default configuration, we need to modify the configuration file.

Modify the method as follows:

Modifying the httpd.conf configuration file

37 Line: ServerRoot "Apache directory" (e.g. C:/apache24 Change to D:/apache24)

217 Line: ServerName server name (e.g demo.app.com or get rid of # (also fill in localhost here)

241 Line: DocumentRoot "Modify site root address" (e.g. d:/apache24/htdocs/)

242 Line: <directory "website root directory Address" > (e.g. d:/apache24/htdocs/)

358 line: scriptalias/cgi-bin/"Apache directory +/cgi-bin/"

374 line: <directory "Apache directory +/cgi-bin/" >

Make the corresponding changes according to your own situation.

In addition, after modifying the configuration file, the same Apache still does not open normally, need to install Apache service.

(4) Install Apache service using command line cmd:

Start command line administrator mode, and then run the CD into the Apache directory:

Or simply drag the Httpd.exe icon to the cmd command line, and the corresponding path will appear automatically, enter the following command:

(Installation Services)

Httpd-k Install

The following issues may occur:

(The picture is missing, the concrete is appearing)

Workaround: http://blog.csdn.net/jaray/article/details/9950211

The error message indicates that I am not logged in as an administrator!

When you open the CMD program, run as an administrator, and the installation is successful!

(5) Start Apache Service

Also enter the command line: Httpd-k start

Here I also provide a command to restart and uninstall the service:

#Restart service

Httpd-k restart

#Uninstall service

Httpd-k Uninstall

When the Apache service starts successfully, open ApacheMonitor.exe.

(6) Click Start to open the Apache server.

(The "Sun" appears to open successfully)

In order to test whether it is really successful, you can enter http://localhost/on the browser.


Represents a true installation success.

The end of the article is attached to my Apache download file and VC library:

Httpd-2.4.16-win64-vc14.zip download Link: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1mgiVQpa Password: 8JRP

Vc_redist.x64.exe download Link: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1jGMp7jo Password: SQCG

Reference website:

Windows 7/8 64-bit under install 64-bit Apache 2.4.7

Windows 64-bit system installation Apache2.4

Who knows what to do with the lack of vcruntime140.dll when installing Apache?

Windows installs Apache, registration service appears "(OS 5) denied access. : ah00369:failed to open the WinNT service Manager ... "error

Apache download installation (mostly 64-bit) and issues

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