Apache Kafka technology Sharing Series (directory index)--Reprint

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Kafka Development and Management:

1) Apache Kafka messaging Service

2) Kafak Installation and use

3) server.properties configuration file parameter description in Apache Kafka

4) topic level configuration in Apache Kafka

5) Apache Kafka Client Development-java

6) The Java version of the Kafka Zkutils class is part of the code

7) Kafka log4j configuration

8) Apache Kafka consumer not get message when initializing

9) Apache Kafka Source Build Package

Apache Kafka Migration and expansion tool usage

How to balance the leader of topic in Kafka

Kafka Cluster Copy distribution principle analysis

Apache Kafka downline Broker Operation

Kafka Optimization Analysis:

1) Kafka Operation Environment Optimization analysis

2) Kafka Server Deployment Configuration Optimization

Kafka Anomaly Analysis:

1) Kafka Leadernotavailableexception

2) Kafka.common.ConsumerRebalanceFailedException Exception solution

Kafka Monitoring Related:

1) Apache Kafka Monitoring series-monitoring indicators

2) Apache Kafka JMX Monitoring Indicator parameters

3) Apache Kafka Surveillance series-kafka-web-console

4) Apache Kafka Surveillance series-kafkaoffsetmonitor

Kafka Performance test:

1) Apache Kafka Performance Test Command use and build Kafka-perf

2) Kafka Performance test report (Virtual Machine Edition)

Kafka Source Analysis:

1) Kafka storage structure in zookeeper

2) Kafka Replication design Mechanism

3) Kafka producer processing logic

4) Apache Kafka Source Code Engineering Environment Building (IDEA)

5) Kafka Controller design mechanism

6) Kafka Broker Internal Architecture

7) Apache Kafka Source analysis of the overall structure of the-kafka

8) Apache Kafka Source Analysis-producer Analysis

9) Apache Kafka Performance Optimization Architecture analysis

Apache Kafka Source analysis of the-server Terminal Network architecture analysis

Apache Kafka Source analysis of the analysis of the daytime-zookeeperconsumerconnector

Kafka & Mafka Client Development and practice

Kafka File system Design those things

zookeeperconsumer realization of Kafka

) Kafka an explanation of the mechanism for obtaining offset through timestamp

How Apache Kafka is implemented to delete data files (logs)

Kafka Broker Shutdown Process Analysis

Please specify reproduced from: http://blog.csdn.net/lizhitao/article/details/39499283

About the document and blog issues, because of the scattered reasons, not easy for everyone to learn and use, over time, I consider to put on git. First write the directory structure, we go together to improve and add. I hope you Kafka technology enthusiasts join in. What comments can be made below to write some comments and improvement methods to help the author to improve and finally feedback to everyone, thank you.

Apache Kafka technology Sharing Series (directory index)--Reprint

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