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Recently, the younger sisters and the children's shoes are close to graduation, some want to buy a camera to take a picture of graduation, record travel graduation trip and so on. 51 Holiday, I will not talk about technology, talk about photography, but photography is also a technical work, and burn money. Photography poor three generations, the SLR destroyed a lifetime. Is the camera expensive? Expensive, but not just the camera, but also the lens. Why do you say that? As we all know, SLR and micro-single can be replaced lens. Once in the pit, in addition to buying the camera at the same time to buy the head (standard zoom lens), you will likely continue to buy other lenses →_→ want to shoot beautiful characters, you need a large aperture of the fixed focus lens; you need a wide angle lens to take a magnificent view; You may want to shoot animals, you need a telephoto shot. , let's have a macro. The price of a lens is less than 1000, more than tens of thousands ... If you don't have the money budget to simply record your life, it's recommended that you use a better phone or a digital camera.

SLR VS Micro single/single power?

According to my observations and my own experience, it is advisable to buy an SLR unless you have a very, very keen interest in photography. If just want to take a picture of travel, daily a little pat, that is micro-single bar. Why is it? SLR heavy Ah, big one AH. My roommate's Nikon and another friend of the canon are basically resting at the bottom of the oven eating ash ... I recently borrowed the boss of the Nikon full-width D700 to play, plus two professional lens weight, can only say out of fear, although said the effect is really quite good (the whole year the price of over 30,000 soft sister coins). Micro single, my own have to buy before graduation Panasonic GF3 and recently started the Olympus E-M10, overall cost is high, the weight is low volume is small, often take out there is no pressure.

Into the pit, buying insights

If you feel the need to decide to enter the pit, you will find it seems a bit difficult to choose. For brand selection, I recommend qualifying by the following weights:

1, shape and beauty, SLR a few are almost the same without thinking more directly skip, micro-single-style more some, some soft sense, some mechanical sense, you think ugly don't reluctantly ~ ~

2, the individual likes to shoot the theme preference, the SLR is similar, can skip. For the micro-single, flowers Zhengyan really wonderful: Sony main full-width and high-speed focus, more suitable for shooting some sports; Panasonic main 4K video, more suitable for regular video; Olympus main optical Image stabilization, more suitable for shooting night and macro, as well as Fuji, Samsung and so on. To learn more about the fact or go to their official website and JD to see if a friend can borrow to play it is better.

3, around the use of people and friends, said before, photography is the most burning money is the lens, if you people around the use of a brand, then buy that, then you can swap the lens to play (of course, not a change of head ...). )

4, if no one around to play, then the proposed SLR selected canon, micro-single on the watch you like it. Because different brands, usually bayonet (camera body and lens interface) is not the same, the lens can only be in its factory and other small factory choice, choose one will be difficult to turn back. For the SLR, Canon, Nikon, Pentax although have played, but did not find the difference between them, it is said that Nikon light sense is better but heavier weight, I just found around with the most canon, Exchange, swap lens, Amoy second-hand lens are more convenient than the other two.

For the camera body, my view is that within the budget, buy an upper-middle-priced fuselage, and save some money to buy a good shot. For Sony A7 This, although the advertisement played very well, some one-sided said to buy buy buy, I do not suggest.


It's time to finally get excited (Shang Bu Qi). First look at the main parameters of the lens: focal length, aperture, the closest focus distance, anti-shake anti-dust anti-freeze performance. Focus rough to understand is to zoom in and out of the range, the lens mainly divided into two categories, one is fixed focus, a class is zoom. Fixed focus is to rely on people to adjust the range of shooting (or post-cropping), zoom is the camera can adjust the range of shooting. In general, the fixed-focus lens will have a better shot than a zoom lens, although the photographer has to walk to adjust the range of the shot. If you want to make some beautiful, especially the background is very beautiful, then it is necessary to buy a fixed focus lens, such as Canon's small bowl, Pentax three princess, Panasonic 20mm God cake, domestic phoenix 50mm, domestic ka xin Tatsu 35mm and so on.

In addition to the optical zoom and digital zoom, optical zoom is to adjust the optical path through the lens to zoom in and out of the effect, the image quality will not have an impact, and digital zoom is achieved by cutting the screen to zoom in and out of the effect, the greater the picture quality worse. Of course, now all the mobile phone shooting is digital zoom, do not believe you enlarge the shot to try.

For the zoom lens, manufacturers will do different grades of lenses, usually have amateur and professional-grade wide-angle, standard, telephoto lens, person Sanyuan and junior, or called Dog head and cow head. There is also a focal length from the standard to the telephoto are covered by the lens, the so-called "a Mirror Walk the World", known as the Donkey head (from the likes of travel jiaolv friends). Junior Bull head is that large aperture F2.8, waterproof and dustproof anti-fog is very good lens, people can go to the place it is no pressure of those lens, such as the famous Canon Red circle and Nigakin circle. When it comes to the head and head of the dog, you have to say aperture, aperture refers to the amount of light, the rough formula is aperture = focal length/light through the cross-sectional area, that is, the larger the aperture aperture the smaller the value. Aperture large amount of light, can shorten the exposure time to reduce the probability of failure of hand shake, can be adjusted to improve picture quality, there is also a clear phenomenon is the background can be falsified, and the above-mentioned fixed focus lens most aperture can reach F1.8, shoot portrait of course is Meimei da. For us these amateur players, small three yuan or donkey head with fixed focus on the head is enough, the junior yuan bought also feel not too big difference, don't waste that money (second-hand 5K above).

The problem is, even the dog head can not afford to buy a few? Can't we have a good play? Of course not, there is a thing called "additional mirror", is attached to the original lens, to achieve a certain effect of the lens. I have a macro additional mirror and wide-angle additional mirror, the price of one hundred or two hundred yuan is really not wronged. Macro additional mirror, is used to shoot small objects, such as small insects, water droplets and so on, if the original lens of the recent focus distance is not close enough, is near the twist or blur, then need it to assist. Note that some of the wide-angle additional mirror may have a dark angle phenomenon, buy before asked the store, in addition to the wide-angle additional mirror will have obvious barrel distortion, is similar to the fish eye effect, if very mind can only buy wide-angle lens.


I now use a few accessories, only SD card and tripod. The camera uses the SD card to speed has certain requirements, do not buy the most low-speed card, continuous shooting and video may not be. According to my experience, SanDisk's silver card is enough, if you need 4K video that is still recommended to buy SanDisk black card, if you like Kingston then according to this speed corresponds to the past is, other brands and so on. If you need the WiFi sharing function and the camera itself is not, you can try the WiFi SD card, I have used the easy-to-use pie has not found any problem. These small things, pay attention to the poor review before, the difference is more obvious do not greedy this cheap.

If you have a regular night out shooting, or like to shoot some very small flower grass, or want to play time-lapse photography and so on, then you need a tripod. Tripod, for the micro-single 100 yuan or so the tripod has been able to meet the needs of most of the time, but if you want to play a telephoto lens, or especially the transfer of some SLR lens, then may need to be thicker. If it is to play SLR, then the tripod to be thicker, because many tripod mounted on the part of the machine is one side of the force on the side of the floating, it is easy to cause the horizontal tilt of the fuselage is difficult to righting.

Ape says photography (up)--into the pit guide

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