App Backend Design--Total directory (RPM)

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Hereby stated, I reproduced the!!!

App back end design (1)--api

App back-end design (2) use of--XMPP

App backend Design (3)--SMS, email, push service

App backend Design (4)--Security of communication

App backend Design (5)--handling of emoticons

App back end design (6)--LBS

App back end Design (7)--Project management

App back end design (8)--Database sub-table

App back end Design (9)--Dynamic notification

App backend Design (10)--Incremental Data update

App backend Design (11)--System architecture

App back end Design (12)--Image processing

App backend Design (--im4java+graphicsmagick) for Chinese watermark

App back-end design (--lbs) offset problem

If you need a PDF version of the app backend design article, follow the public number back in the background "app backend design" to get

The following list of articles is based on the experience of developing app development from scratch, and systematically talking about the basic technologies involved in app backend development

1. Create an app backend book with internet-based product thinking

2. Tips for writing a series of articles written by users on the back end of the app

3. Summary of the entrepreneurial projects that have been experienced

How the is tempered

5. Two minutes to let you know what the app backend is for Architecture Basics and app back-end communication back-end and web back-end differences Backend Select what server Backend Select what development language

11. How to quickly enter new technology backend How to select the right database product

Why the backend uses Message Queuing backend How to design the API backend How to design user login scheme backend How to ensure communication security--url signature back-end how to ensure communication security--aes symmetric encryption backend How to achieve lbs

19. The most cost-saving app texting method

20. How to extract API interface from app business logic backend How to efficiently update content

22. Growth in start-up companies backend How to set up file system

24. To raise 100,000 shares from the public number to learn the commercial thinking

25. Does entrepreneurship really need an app? Do you really need to outsource? back end how to set up a push service backend to build chat server experience

28. Why the technical article reading volume only thousands of, chicken soup is easy to cross million

29. The age of the entrepreneurial team in the street, was accidentally fooled

30. Because of painting, I met my wife on the watercress.

Some tips on 32.APP back end processing emoticons

33.APP back-end processing of video scenarios

34. How to get resources in apps (APK and IPA)

Getting started with back-end search

36. How to use Scheduled tasks

37. Entrepreneurial team is not paradise

38. "Financial Freedom", the fairy tale that feeds the entrepreneur

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App Backend Design--Total directory (RPM)

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