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Often do the app to promote and do the operation of the students for CPA,CPS,CPM,CPC these nouns will certainly not unfamiliar, but also basically know the meaning of its expression, but for beginners, the meaning of these words is not clear, the following share, their understanding of their understanding:

CPA: is an abbreviation for the English word cost per action. Its promotional requirements are, users need to download the app naturally, and install or register, the promotion of talent can be paid, simple display ads or click Ads, the promoter will not get any income, but the CPA unit price is generally higher, a download installation price Android is about 1 to 10 yuan, iOS is about 5 yuan to 50 yuan. That is, users download and install the app, so they can get such a high income.

CPS: It is a promoter and advertiser, after the user in the app for consumption, 2 of a promotion model, which requires users to download and install the app, but also must be in the app after the consumption, the Promoter and app developers to pay the cost of the user according to the prior discussion of the partition. This form is the least risky to advertisers, can achieve precision promotion, but the general promotional staff do not like this model, unless the product needs to promote a very attractive, users are willing to spend money, this promotional model is more suitable for game promotion, should be for if your game products do well, there is new, users like to play, Is willing to spend a lot on the above, do not want to CPA, fixed a few yuan, if you promote to a tyrants, this tyrants like this product, in the above cost hundreds of thousands of, millions of of the money, then as a promoter, you can get the corresponding partition.

CPM: It is a kind of display promotion way, common is the website above we saw the window or some banner what, app inside most, commonly called banner strip, keep switching scrolling that kind of advertisement, I believe everybody has seen. As long as you see these ads, the promoter, you can have the corresponding income, this kind of advertisement generally according to 1000 times display billing, about 1000 times display cost between 5 yuan to 20 yuan. For the promotion staff, the advantage is that, easy to worry, put there without tube, you can have income, do not need users to click, to download, to consume, insufficient, that is, the unit price is relatively low.

CPC: It is a pay-per-click promotion, on the basis of CPM, users need to click Ads, the promoter can obtain income, click on about 1 cents a year, the advantages, or relatively simple, click can have income, insufficient, or low price

Well, here are some simple introductions about CPA,CPS,CPM,CPC. I think, for advertisers, the money, the use of CPA promotion, this model, precision effect is good. The best way to use a CPA or CPS is to play.

For the promotion staff, depends on what channel you are, what resources, your users are which groups, according to their actual situation, choose their own good promotion model bar

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