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IOS7.1.2 Upgrade Method Detailed:
Upgrade/Restore IOS7.1.2 method via itunes
1, through the itunes recovery will result in the emptying of all the information on the iOS device, recommended to back up good important information.
2, has escaped Iphone/ipad/itouch using itunes upgrade/restore may report an unknown error, please be assured that!iphone/ipad/itouch upgrade/restore failure will automatically enter the recovery mode, please connect itunes and restore IOS7 firmware once.
1, IOS7.1.2 firmware download, download the corresponding mobile phone model of the latest firmware version (not recommended to use the itunes direct upgrade, because the use of itunes download firmware is very slow).

2, will Iphone/ipad/itouch connect the computer to open itunes;

3, hold down the keyboard shift (UP) + The left mouse button click on itunes Update/restore function (as shown);

4. itunes will pop up the conversation window--Please choose to download the firmware using PP Assistant (Win)--Click Update--wait for itunes to run;

5, successful upgrade/restore iOS 7 need to activate the device! (Please be prompted to complete the procedure.)

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