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What exactly is Apple pay?

First of all, we must make clear that applepay relative to Alipay and micro-credit payments, is completely different.
You are not able to recharge the ApplePay, said more bluntly, it is a "card bag", its function is to the entity of the bank card virtual to your phone.
Therefore, ApplePay will not involve the management and liquidation of its own funds and will not participate in any aspect of the transaction between the buyer and seller.

Apple Pay Device Support requirements

Because Apple pay needs to support NFC capabilities, it currently supports the iphone 6, iphone 6 Plus, iphone 6s, iphone 6s Plus, Apple Watch, ipad Pro, ipad Air 2, ipad mini 4, IPa D Mini 3 These existing Apple devices, the device on the original basis of the system must be updated to more than 9.2 iOS, Apple Watch need in more than 2.1 version can be used.
   Apple pay in a domestically backed bank
In addition to Apple's official announcement of the 15 banks with "China UnionPay", including the Chinese bank, the construction Bank and the Agricultural Bank, to support Apple's pay mobile payment, Apple recently added 4 Bank of China, namely, Beijing Bank, Bank of Communications, Huaxia Bank, Ningbo Bank, That is to say, as of February 18, there were 19 banks in China supporting Apple Pay mobile payments.
However, according to today's Apple Pay online found that only 12 banks have decided to support the Apple Pay service. This year there will be 7 banks that will support Apple Pay in succession.
   What payment scenarios does Apple pay support in the country?
   On line
According to the Apple Pay official page, the current Apple Pay officially landed in China, users can take the lead in the app Store, the only products, Dangdang, the public reviews and easy road car applications such as the use of payment, which, in addition to the use of the iphone, It can also be used on supported IPad devices, and Wallet can sync with the cloud via ICloud, which means that the ipad will automatically sync your iphone card information as long as the iphone is set up with a good credit card.
   Line down
Apple's official description of the pay trial scenario is that customers can use Apple Pay to pay for supermarkets, boutiques, restaurants, cafes and many places that are often consumed.
   Apple Pay online Bank benefits section
China Construction Bank also supports the use of the Apple Pay function to withdraw money, the practice is as long as in the construction Bank of the ATM on the choice of "non-IC card business", and then put the mobile phone card reader, through fingerprint verification can be used for withdrawal operations.
   Pudong FA Bank
After the introduction of the Apple Pay payment model, the Pudong FA Bank cardholders will not have to carry a wallet or a bank card, as long as you have been bound to the Pudong Bank's iphone and through the Touch ID fingerprint identification (equivalent to the payment password) can be directly paid to use, currently has 7 million support UnionPay "cloud flash "POS terminal devices are available, and according to the Apple Orchard small set to understand that the current Pudong Fat Bank is to carry out the welfare in the end, the bank is actively introducing a high intensity" mystery Award "activities.
It is reported that with the Pudong bank credit card users will be able to successfully add the Pudong Bank UnionPay credit card and pay through the Wallet app by June 20, and it is worth looking forward to the opportunity for the card users to provide a "secret tour of the United States Apple headquarters" for the cardholder. Banks will be taking 15 of the customers who own the Pudong credit card and will be given the opportunity to travel to the United States on 12th, showing that the bank is "seamless" in its cooperation with Apple, and that the pace of the end is to be promoted. (>>> Click to view welfare details <<<)
In addition to the two major banks, other banks will be updating the benefits, the small partners can also keep an eye on the Apple Park to understand the latest developments in Apple Pay.
   Apple pay bound bank card/Credit card tutorial:
   Apple pay bind credit card/bank card
First choose to open the "Wallet" application on the iphone, click on "Add credit or debit card", and then go to the Apple Pay introduction to add the card introduction interface, select "Next".
Then the "Add Card" interface will be challenged, if you have a bank card, you can directly on the "frame" in the automatic identification add, you can also click the "Manual input card details" To manually add a bank card or debit card number, added after the click Next, here need to explain, If it is a credit card then jump to the next interface requires you to fill in the validity period, security code (card back after three digits), if it is a bank card directly into the SMS verification interface.
Here because the small make up a previous failure to add the case, I believe many people are similar to the small, mainly because the user too much to allow the system to produce cotton phenomenon, this time you can choose to try again to verify or select "Add card Later" to add a bank card or debit card. (see chart below)
Finally fill in the expiration date and security code (SMS verification) will be jumped into the "Terms and Conditions" interface, click "Agree" into the final verification phase, if the smooth, then you are added success, and finally can enjoy the splurge.
Add Success Status
   ipad Add credit card/bank card
The way to add cards on the ipad is to turn on "Settings", click "Wallet and Apple Pay", "add a credit card or debit card", and then enter the card information. ( no difference between operating and iphone phone )
   Apple Watch Add credit card/bank card
Add a card to the Apple Watch, mainly to open the iphone Watch app, click on "My Watch", then click "Wallet and Apple Pay" and click "Add Credit or debit card" at the end. ( no difference between operating and iphone phone )
   How Apple pay to use and prepare before use
   To use Apple Pay to get ready to use Apple Pay to shop, you need the following:
iphone 6 or iphone 6, for now, iphone 6, iphone 6 Plus, iphone 6s, iphone 6s Plus
   Upgrade to IOS 9.2.1 and set unlock password and fingerprint.
Wallet applications to IOS are bundled with bank cards, and Apple Pay now supports BOC, CCB, ICBC, China Merchants Bank, and wide-issue debit and credit cards for 19 banks nationwide.
If you want to pay with Apple Watch, your Apple Watch needs to bind the IPhone and upgrade to watchOS 2.1
At present, many cities in the domestic McDonald's, Starbucks, Carrefour, Watson, as well as the family, Xisto and other convenience stores and other businesses have opened UnionPay pay flash. These businesses, in theory, will support Apple Pay.
   Iphone/ipad Equipment Use case Description
With a reporter at a station at McDonald's testing experiments, first of all, the small partner in McDonald's consumption, the point of a single preparation for payment, if and the cashier's sister said I want to use mobile payment, they will probably think you are paid treasure or micro-letter payment (Alibaba, Tencent said: "Blame me!")), So directly with the cashier staff said to use a bank card to pay.
But after you've ordered the price of your order on the POS, put your golden iphone in the fingerprint verification, normally this is the completion of the entire process of payment, at this time, the reporter found that POS also need the income code (the Reporter is using the GF bank card), The reporter thought this should be the Guangdong Bank has not opened the small and free to sign the function, other colleagues use the Merchant bank credit card to consume in McDonald's not to enter the password, and one-step, instantaneous second collect.
  So here's what you need to say, if you're going to experience the feeling of a dripping second experience:
   first , make sure your bank card has a small, free amount.
   then , the finger is placed on the home key and then moved to the POS machine.
   Apple Watch Usage Instructions
To use Apple Pay with Apple Watch, you will need to verify the bank card in the Apple Watch app on your phone before you can pay the two side keys with Apple Watch, and then close the watch screen to the POS machine.
   Apple pay frequently encountered problem answers
   What about the service of Apple Pay not seen in Q:iphone?
Try changing the language and locale of the device to "us", or rebooting the device, and then adding a bank card to the Wallet application, because there is no separate Wallet application, the IPad user needs to add a bank card in the set Wallet and Apple Pay options, It should be noted that the previous response by the user said that the added bank card if the region from "the United States" changed back to "China" bound by the bank card will disappear, but according to the Apple Orchard Small series after the test found that in fact, as early as 12 o'clock today after the bug has been repaired.
  Q: Can I use the port version of the IPhone 6s?
Yes, we use the equipment is the port version of the iphone 6s, the U.S. version of the iphone 6 is currently the latest situation is to add a bank card.
   Q: Can I bind Apple Pay with a bank card that does not support flash payment?
OK, this has nothing to do with whether or not the bank card itself supports flash payments.
   Q: Where do you want to set up a small number of password-free lines?
To find a bank card in the bank's website or mobile applications, such as CMB's credit card can be directly in the mobile phone application set password-free.
   Q: I haven't seen Apple Pay's entrance in Wallet, what do I do?
There is a folk remedy: Click "General" in "Settings" and find "language and region", then set the region to the United States, and then open your Wallet application to see the Apple Pay Portal
   Which banks do q:apple Pay support?
Apple Pay supports the card and credit cards of the following 19 banks: ABC, Beijing Bank, Bank of China, Bank of Communications, Bank of Guangzhou, Ningbo Bank, Shanghai Bank, Citic Bank, CCB, China Everbright Bank, Guangdong Bank, China Merchants Bank, Minsheng Bank, Huaxia Bank, ICBC , Industrial Bank, Ping An bank, China Postal Savings Bank, Pudong Hair Bank.
   Q: Is there a discount for using Apple Pay?
A number of banks have launched a pay-for-offer campaign against Apple Pay. For example, Citic Bank has launched a binding card to send 2000 points, supermarket consumption free of single, coffee cup, China Merchants Bank also introduced a binding card bonus points, specific attention to the bank's official website, public number and other channels.
   Q: If my phone is lost, how can I release the Apple Pay?
Can go to the icloud website, in the search for my iphone quickly set the phone to lose mode to disable Apple Pay, you can also choose to erase the iphone features erase all data.
   Q: I'm a merchant, how do I support Apple Pay in my store?
To accept Apple Pay at the store, you need a point-of-sale terminal that supports the contactless payment function (UnionPay cloud). You can enter the Apple Pay Merchant page for more information.
   Q: Why Apple Pay bind card has failed?
First of all, the card issuing bank has been identified to support Apple Pay, followed by a big reason may be that the current use of this feature caused by too much network congestion, suggest a later try again.
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