Apple's new MacBook Pro battery lasts 8 hours

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Apple made an overall update to the notebook product line in the Monday WWDC opening speech, upgraded the 13-inch unibody aluminum shell macbook into the MacBook Pro camp and configured upgrades for the 15 and 17-inch models. Among them, three MacBook Pro new Machine The most striking feature is the unified use of built-in battery design. Recently, the well-known hardware evaluation site AnandTech founder Anand Lal Shimpi personally wrote a new MacBook Pro test, focusing on the battery endurance problem.

Compared to the common cylindrical lithium-ion battery batteries used in notebook batteries, Apple's new notebook uses a specially-shaped, square lithium polymer core. More aggressively, Apple abandoned the battery shell and the external movable baffle, which was used to hold more batteries. This design can store more power in the same space, but it's a lot of controversy because users can't change their batteries. Apple's explanation for this is that, as a new generation of lithium-polymer batteries has a battery charge and discharge life of up to 1000 times, ordinary users do not need to replace the battery for 5 years. And Apple will also offer a paid replacement battery service.

Apple first used this new concept of battery design in the MacBook Air, which began to be used early this year in 17-inch MacBook Pro. This time, it was popularized to the entire 13, 15, 17-inch MacBook Pro product line. The result of the new design is that the size of the fuselage and the overall weight remain unchanged, the battery capacity has been significantly increased, the nominal battery endurance of 7 hours (17-inch version of 8 hours):

New Lithium polymer battery (built-in)

Old Lithium-ion battery (replaceable)

Capacity Promotion
13-inch MacBook Pro 58WHr 45WHr 29%
15-inch MacBook Pro 73WHr 50WHr 46%
17-inch MacBook Pro 95WHr 68WHr 40%

Old model replaceable battery back cover

New model back cover

New Machine Interior

73WH Super Large capacity battery

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