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4) In housfe-series video panel
The In HouseTM series video panel allows you to easily integrate cable TV, satellite TV, security, and other systems throughout the home. The video panel is integrated with PCB technology, which improves the operation quality and enables the built-in Process Control Panel to output video signals of high definition to the maximum extent. For the video service of the In HouseTM series video panel, see table 6.
Video Service of In HouseTM series video panel
Table 6 List of video panels In housfe-series
5) extension modules of the In HouseTM Series
There are two types of extension modules of the In HouseTM series. One is the speech extension module, which supports eight speech plug-ins, and the other is the data extension module, which supports eight five types of data information outlets. Table 7 shows the models of the In HouseTM series extension modules.
Table 7 List of extension modules of the In HouseTM Series
6) SoHoTM5 port 10Base-T Hub
SoHoTM5 Ethernet Hub is a 10Base-T hub with five ports. It is a high-quality micro-hub with power indicator, network collision, and active status display for each port. It uses a 400 V voltage ~ 700mA DC power supply, the hub fully complies with the industrial standards of 802.3. It also comes with a magnetic blank gold backplane to facilitate installation in the distribution box. The SoHoTM5 port 10Base-T hub model is OR-60600054.
7) In HouseTM series packing
You can install various Panel types In the In HouseTM series installation box.
The In HouseTM series can be installed on walls or walls as needed. An embedded cable ring is designed to protect cables. The installation lever in the middle of the Cabinet is detachable, so it has more options for device installation. The distribution board extension bracket is installed on the center lever for video RF in the residential area) and the distribution of the workstation. You can design the movable door to open on the left or right as needed. After cables are connected to the panel of the In HouseTM series, cables can be hidden behind the Panel. Currently, only clear identifiers and jumpers are displayed.
The In HouseTM series are packed with suitable cable splitters that provide thoughtful cable protection during installation. The instructions In the box can provide various services or clear identifiers for each room. The box also provides connection ports for various types of distribution frames, and the connections for various distribution frames are easy to install and maintain. Therefore, after the In HouseTM series are packed on the cable end, all types of distribution frames with clear identifiers are displayed, and the cables are hidden behind the distribution frames. To add or remove information sockets, you only need to add or move some jumpers on the panel.
There are three types of In HouseTM series packing sizes. The models are shown In table 8.
Table 8 In HouseTM series packing list
V. cables and information outlets of the elasticsearch In House Smart Home Cabling System
1. Cable
4 pairs of unshielded twisted pair UPT that meet or exceed ANSI/TIA/EIT-568A standards and conform to ANSI/TIA/EIT-598 standards can be used by octron or it.
The video cable adopts a 75 ohm coaxial cable conforming to national standards.
2. Information Outlet
The information outlet of the elasticsearch In House Smart Home cabling system is composed of a panel and a module.
1) Panel
The panel of the information outlet of the Smart Home cabling system of the elasticsearch In House can use the elasticsearch Series II 86 panel, Track Jack 86 panel, Stylistics panel, and Mini-Mod surface installation box.
1) Series II 86 panel
The elasticsearch Series II 86 panel is divided into single port and dual port. Applicable to multiple devices and tubes of Series II modules.
Table 9 Series II 86 panel View
3) In House StylisticsTM panel
Each hole In the otron In House StylisticsTM Panel supports three high-performance Traclack TM modules. The model of the Panel is shown In table 9.
Table 9 In House StylisticsTM panel list
4) In House Track Jack American panel
Otron In House Track Jack American panel is a set of full multimedia applications, each of which supports 2 ~ Six High-Performance Traclack TM modules. The Panel model is shown in table 10.
Table 10 In House Traclack panel list
5) Mini-Mod surface installation box
The otron micro-Surface Mounting box provides a separated multimedia solution consisting of a base and a cover.
OR-20500050 dual ST multimode/Single-Mode adapter. Ceramic sleeve buckle type.
3) Module
The modules used for In House system information sockets are Series II module, Tracjack TM module, and Mini-Mod module. It provides considerate services, high quality, enhanced performance, and high flexibility. Its features are as follows:
· The oracle five RJ45 module has better performance than the TIA five enhanced standards and has high redundancy;
· The client connections in ordered order are three times faster than other client connections;
· Compliance with all FCC Part 68 regulations;
· Complies with ANSI/TIA/EIT-568A standards.
1) The models of Series II modules are shown in Table 11:
2) the model of the Traclack TM module is shown in table 12.
Table 12 Traclack TM module list
3) the model of the Mini-Mod module is shown in table 13.
Table 13 standard internal oblique 49-degree Mini-Mod module list

1. determine the level of Smart Home
Learn whether a Smart Home is a general smart home, or an advanced smart home or villa to determine the high and low levels of a smart home. Intelligent Residential content can be determined based on the level of smart residential buildings.
2. Determine the home cabling level and select the cable category
1) determine the level of home Wiring
Determine the systems supported by the home Cabling System Based on the smart residential content, such as support for voice, data, images, televisions, multimedia, automated home systems, environmental management, security, detectors, alarms, and intercom services. Determine the level 1 or level 2 of home wiring based on the level of the Smart Home and the system supported by the home wiring system ).
2) Select the cable category
Determine the category 3 or category 5 of the 4 pairs of unshielded twisted pair cables Based on the household cabling level) or select the optical cable.
3. Various information outlet settings
Determine the type, quantity, and location of each information outlet based on the nature of each room in the house, the category of information outlets should be consistent with that of 4 pairs of unshielded twisted pair wires, optical cables or coaxial cables.
The information outlet must be set to a sufficient number, that is, not only to meet the needs of existing equipment, but also to ensure the needs of new equipment in the future. High-level household information outlet configurations are as follows: information outlets for telephone, TV, and audio equipment are set in the living room; the study room is equipped with information outlets that meet the telephone, fax, computer, printer, TV, and audio requirements. The master bedroom and bedroom are all set to provide information outlets for telephone, computer, printer, TV, and audio, set the information outlet in the dining room to meet the telephone, TV, and audio needs, and set the information outlet to meet the telephone needs in the main bathroom. The setting method of this information outlet can meet the existing needs of the residents, and can also meet the changing functions of the room or the changing positions of the furniture, you can find the required information outlets nearby. When upgrading or introducing new services in the future, you only need to connect the new hardware device to the information outlet.
2. configuration of distribution box DD
1) design internal equipment of distribution box DD
Based on the number of systems and information outlets supported by the home cabling system, determine the main panel In the distribution box DD, workstation panel In HouseTM series, audio panel In housfe-series, video panel In housfe-series, expansion module In housfe-series, SoHoTM5 port 10Base-T hub, and other devices. capacity and quantity, determine the type and size of the In HouseTM series.
2) installation location of distribution box DD
The distribution box DD must be installed in each household. The installation location should be the place for ease of installation and maintenance.
3) distribution box DD power supply requirements
When the distribution box DD is installed with an active device, such as a cable hub), provide ~ 220 V, 15 a independent circuit power supply.
Vi. Conclusion
The In House Smart Home cabling system provided transmission media for voice, data, audio-visual entertainment, Internet, Home Office, security, energy management, and other contact applications, the information outlet from the distribution box to the wall adopts star-based wiring, so that the neighbors can easily connect to the external public information network, such as CATV or Internet. Once the In House Smart Home cabling system installed at home, it will make users deeply feel the arrival of family modernization.
With the continuous development of integrated wiring products, aochuangli is the first product guarantee program in the industry for 25 years. If the product is an authenticated installer or an advanced certified installer, it is used in the cabling system according to the project and conditions specified in the certification installer program, ensure that materials and quality remain intact within 25 years from the date of registration and installation by the certified installer.
Therefore, if you select the In House Smart Home cabling system and the certified installer of aochuangli, you will get the best products and services at present, at the same time, it also obtained the most important guarantee in the communication industry.

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