Application of neutral grey to the fine grinding of commercial portrait with large image

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The essence of neutral Ash is that in the observation group to see the flaws and noise as black and white, and then on the neutral gray layer with a white brush smear can eliminate black spots, with a black brush smear can eliminate the imperfections of the bright part, so that the skin area is very evenly textured. Neutral Ash is not only suitable for grinding skin, but also can be used in the screen lighting processing.


Final effect

1. Open the big picture of original material.

2. Copy layer.

3, create a new layer.

4, new layer fill 50% gray (Edit > Fill).

5, Layer mode is "soft light".

6. Create a new solid color adjustment layer (Layer > new fill layer > Solid color) with black color.

7, the layer mode is "color".

8, copy the black adjustment layer.

9, Layer mode is "superimposed", can be adjusted to other modes according to the image light and shade.

10, new group, named "Observation group."

11, fill in the Color 1 and fill 1 copies of the color into the "observation group."

12, remove the color fill 1 copies of the eyes, enlarge the picture to see the face details.


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