[Application--Second main interface Tab] Rapid development of Android application market

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The main interface layout is as follows

<?xml version= "1.0" encoding= "Utf-8"? ><linearlayout xmlns:android= "http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/ Android "android:orientation=" vertical "android:layout_width=" Fill_parent "Android: layout_height= "Fill_parent" android:background= "@drawable/f_home_boungroud" > <include Andro Id:id= "@+id/titlebar" layout= "@layout/titlebar"/>//TitleBar <framelayout android:id= "@+id/tab_conten T "main interface content framelayout android:layout_width=" fill_parent "android:layout_height=" 0DP "Android            oid:layout_weight= "1.0"/> <radiogroup android:id= "@+id/tabs_rg" under the main interface four tab buttons            Android:layout_width= "Fill_parent" android:layout_height= "50DP" android:orientation= "Horizontal" android:gravity= "center" android:background= "@drawable/downbar" > <radiobutt On android:id= "@+id/Tab_rb_a "android:layout_width=" 0DP "android:layout_height=" Wrap_content "and                roid:drawabletop= "@drawable/selector_tab" android:button= "@null" android:text= "boutique" android:layout_margintop= "2DP" android:layout_marginbottom= "2DP" android:textcolor= "@a Ndroid:color/white "android:textsize=" 13sp "android:layout_weight=" 1.0 "Andro id:gravity= "Center" android:singleline= "true" android:checked= "true" Android:ba ckground= "@drawable/selector_tab_item"/> <radiobutton android:id= "@+id/tab_rb_ B "Android:layout_width=" 0DP "android:layout_height=" Wrap_content "android:dr                       awabletop= "@drawable/selector_tab2" android:button= "@null" android:text= "Hot List" Android:layout_margintop= "2DP" android:layout_marginbottom= "2DP" android:textcolor= "@android: Color/white"                Android:textsize= "13SP" android:layout_weight= "1.0" android:gravity= "center"        Android:singleline= "true" android:background= "@drawable/selector_tab_item"/> <radiobutton android:id= "@+id/tab_rb_c" android:layout_width= "0DP" a ndroid:layout_height= "Wrap_content" android:drawabletop= "@drawable/selector_tab3" Android:bu tton= "@null" android:text= "Software" android:textcolor= "@android: Color/white" Androi D:textsize= "13SP" android:layout_weight= "1.0" android:gravity= "Center" Androi                D:singleline= "true" android:layout_margintop= "2DP" android:layout_marginbottom= "2DP" Android:background= "@drawable/selector_tab_item"/> <radiobutton android:id= "@+id/tab_rb_ D "Android:layout_width=" 0DP "android:layout_height=" Wrap_content "android:dr awabletop= "@drawable/selector_tab4" android:button= "@null" android:text= "Game" a                Ndroid:textcolor= "@android: Color/white" android:textsize= "13sp" android:layout_weight= "1.0" android:gravity= "Center" android:singleline= "true" Android:layout_marg intop= "2DP" android:layout_marginbottom= "2DP" android:background= "@drawable/selector_tab_ite M "/> </RadioGroup></LinearLayout>

* Get a picture of fragmenttransaction
* @param index
* @return
Private fragmenttransaction obtainfragmenttransaction (int index) {
Fragmenttransaction ft = Childfragmentmanager
. BeginTransaction ();
Set Toggle Animations
if (Index > Currenttab) {
Ft.setcustomanimations (r.anim.slide_left_in, r.anim.slide_left_out);
} else {
Ft.setcustomanimations (r.anim.slide_right_in,
return ft;

Show or hide fragment by clicking the tab button

private void ShowTab (int idx) {
for (int i = 0; i < fragments.size (); i++) {
Fragment Fragment = Fragments.get (i);
Fragmenttransaction ft = obtainfragmenttransaction (IDX);

if (idx = = i) {
Ft.show (fragment); Get the corresponding click button to show the different fragment
} else {
Ft.hide (fragment);
Ft.commit ();
Currenttab = idx; Update Target tab to current tab

When we, the fragment hidden, we let him pause, show, we let him resume, we can easily do adapter.notifidatachanget here () to do some other updates or initialization operations

public void Selete (int i) {
Fragment Fragment = Fragments.get (i);
Fragmenttransaction ft = obtainfragmenttransaction (i);

Getcurrentfragment (). OnPause (); Pause the current tab

if (fragment.isadded ()) {
Fragment.onresume (); Onresume () to start the Target tab
} else {
Ft.add (Fragmentcontentid, fragment);
ShowTab (i); Show Target Tab
Ft.commit ();

If you set the Toggle Tab Extras feature Interface
// if (null! = Onrgsextracheckedchangedlistener) {
// Onrgsextracheckedchangedlistener.onrgsextracheckedchanged (
// Radiogroup, Checkedid, i);
// }

The entire page tab is through, show and hide fragment to achieve the tab page switch, the implementation principle is relatively simple.

[Application--Second main interface Tab] Rapid development of Android application market

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