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If your website project is not an important business website, such as a personal website, blog, or simple project, you need to use the SSL certificate, in fact, the Free SSL certificate provided on the Internet is enough for us to choose and use. In previous blog posts, Lao Jiang mentioned permanent free Let's Encrypt, StartSSL, WoSign SSL, etc. In fact, the free SSL certificate is not limited to this, for example, Tencent Cloud also provides a free one-year TrustAsia dv ssl certificate, so our project has another option.

Because SSL is different from the domain name, for example, after expiration or is not easy to use, we can change to another SSL, which basically does not affect the so-called website and user experience. Because users know and access the website domain name, they basically do not know what SSL users are using. In addition, SSL certificates are gradually used on Chinese websites, so it is also necessary to learn and collect free and easy-to-use SSL certificate tools.

TrustAsia dv ssl certificate: Issued by Symantec's top-level root certificate. TrustAsia provides technical support and is compatible with all browsers. It should have been a paid SSL certificate. Currently, you can apply for a free certificate in the Tencent Cloud account background. Here we will try to see if the application process is complicated and whether it is easy to apply for a free certificate.

1. TrustAsia dv ssl certificate application address

We need to apply for a free dv ssl certificate from Tencent Cloud, so we must have an account that has passed real-name authentication before applying.


II. TrustAsia dv ssl Certificate Application process


1. Prepare an application



We can see the figure above and prepare [apply for a certificate ].



Here we can see the introduction of TrustAsia dv ssl certificate, free for one year. Click OK when applying ].


2. Enter the domain name for applying for a Free SSL certificate



It is mainly used to fill in domain names. Only "www. laojiang. me" is supported. You cannot directly enter "laojiang. me" without a prefix.


3. Verify domain name ownership



We need to submit an alias resolution according to [detailed description. Alternatively, click confirm application, and then you can see the record for alias resolution.



Here we need to add a CNAME alias resolution record to the domain name resolution panel.



4. Wait for approval



In this way, the preliminary work of applying for dv ssl certificate is completed, and we need to wait for the certificate to be issued.


3. Successful application and receipt of TrustAsia dv ssl certificate


1. dv ssl certificate approved


The review process was very fast. After about 10 minutes, he received an email from Tencent Cloud for approval.



2. Download dv ssl certificate



You can download the currently applied free dv ssl certificate to your local computer in SSL certificate management and deploy it according to the environment of your server.


4. Deploy the website environment with the TrustAsia dv ssl certificate


We downloaded the SSL certificate from the application to the local machine, and then we can see two files: www.laojiang.me_cert.crt, We can deploy them to the website based on our common Nginx or Apache environment ( Tencent Cloud official documentation:


1. Apache website environment deployment


A-save the first code segment of 1_laojiang.me_cert.crt into A crt file named laojiang. crt. Paste the second part into A text file and save it as A crt file named ca. crt.


B-Certificate installation


Edit conf/httpd in the Apache root directory. conf file, find # LoadModule ssl_module modules/ and # Include conf/extra/httpd-ssl.conf, remove the # Note; edit the conf/extra/httpd-ssl.conf file under the Apache root directory, modify the following content:


The code is as follows: Copy code

<VirtualHost www. laojiang. me: 443>
DocumentRoot "/var/www/html"
ServerName www. laojiang. me
SSLEngine on
SSLCertificateFile/usr/local/apache/conf/laojiang. crt
SSLCertificateChainFile/usr/local/apache/conf/ca. crt


Note the formats of the SSL files we are processing. You need to upload them to the corresponding directory.


2. Nginx website environment


A-save the certificate file www.laojiang.me_cert.crt and the private key file for the domain name www. laojiang. me to the same directory, for example,/usr/local/nginx/conf.


B-update the conf/Nginx. conf file in the nginx root directory.


The code is as follows: Copy code

Server {
Listen 443;
Server_name www. laojiang. me;
Ssl on;
Ssl_certificate route www.laojiang.me_cert.crt;
Ssl_session_timeout 5 m;
Ssl_protocols TLSv1;
Ssl_ciphers HIGH :! ANULL :! MD5;
Ssl_prefer_server_ciphers on;
Location /{
Root html;
Index index.html index.htm;


This is a commonly used installation method for using SSL to the Apache and Nginx environments. Lao Jiang has not used the Windows VPS server yet. If he has any access to the deployment of the Windows Server, he can share it separately.


V. TrustAsia dv ssl certificate application and summary


1. The one-year dv ssl certificate application provided by Tencent Cloud is relatively simple. It can be applied in about 10 minutes.


2. For specific deployment, refer to the tutorial provided by Tencent Cloud and the deployment in NGINX or apache web environment. There is basically no big difference.


3. In this way, we have another channel to obtain the free SSL certificate. If necessary, we can also use and choose to change other Free SSL service providers when the Free SSL certificate is not provided at expiration.

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