Apply the absolute and relative attributes of position in CSS to create a floating layer.

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After a long time, the Z-index settings are approaching astronomical numbers, that is, there is no expected results, and it is very depressing for a while!
The floating layer structure is roughly as follows:
<Div id = "Container">
<Div id = "content">
The floating of the content layer is required.
At the beginning, I thought about using the value of Z-index to implement different layers. The position attribute was not particularly concerned. However, the results are also lost. Later, the query results show that the position attribute can be understood as the positioning of the parent element of this element. If you set the position attribute of the element to absolute and set the position attribute of the parent element to relative, the left and top attributes of the element are the values of the parent element, instead of facing the document window.
In this example, when the position of the iner is relative, the position of content is absolute. At this time, the left: 0 of content; top: 0 is no longer for the document window, but for the DIV whose ID is container.
In order to commemorate the countless times that have passed away, I have to pay for my ignorance.
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